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JLL: As Employment Grows, Traffic Slows in Silicon Valley

9.19.13.Chart of the Week copy

Employment in Silicon Valley grew by 2.9 percent year over year, equating to 26,200 non-farm jobs.

Downtown Palo Alto experienced a decrease in average daily traffic. This is likely due to University Avenue being directly on the Caltrain line. Caltrain ridership in Palo Alto has increased by 17.3 percent since last year.

12.9 percent – The increase in traffic along Highway 237 and Great America Parkway when compared to traffic levels in 2000. This area saw the largest gain in traffic of the seven selected thoroughfares.

Did you know…Not only has traffic increased in Santa Clara, the submarket has seen 2 million square feet of leasing activity for transactions above 50,000 square feet over the past 18 months.