25 Buildings at Bishop Ranch Earn LEED Gold and Silver Recertification

One of the First LEED Block Certification Projects in the World Represents a Total of 8 Million SF of Energy Efficient Real Estate
Bishop Ranch Remains the Largest Concentration of LEED Certified Buildings in a Suburban Area

SAN RAMON, Calif. (November 2, 2016) – Bishop Ranch, the largest mixed-use business community in Northern California, today announced that it has been re-awarded LEED Gold and Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for 25 of its office buildings. One of the first LEED Block Certification projects in the world, Bishop Ranch is also considered one of the most ambitious “LEED for Existing Building” (LEED-EB) projects ever, with its more than 8 million square feet of office space. It remains the largest concentration of LEED-certified buildings outside of an urban area.

“At Bishop Ranch, sustainability means something and remains one of our core values. People feel good coming to work at Bishop Ranch because we’re committed to making our environment a beautiful and healthy one,” said Alexander Mehran, Jr., President and COO of Sunset Development Company. “We’ve invested a significant amount of money into energy retrofitting so our tenants feel good knowing we’re managing the facilities as efficiently as possible to reduce overall consumption—helping to preserve and conserve human, natural and financial resources.”

The value of LEED-EB recertification is shown by how much better the buildings performed compared to last time they were certified in 2012. Scores increased for 23 of the buildings by an average of six points.

Highlights of Bishop Ranch’s achievement include:

  • Indoor Water Efficiency: Achieved an average reduction of 25.3% for indoor water use, with a calculated water savings of 9,948,610 gallons per year, compared to other conventional buildings.
  • Outdoor Water Efficiency: Achieved an average reduction of 67.42% for outdoor water use, with a calculated water savings of approximately 73,864,840 gallons per year, compared to conventional landscaping. The irrigation system is one of the largest, completely automated drip systems in the country that operates based on weather condition.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Reported 15,634.70 metric tons of CO2 saved compared to similar buildings nationally.
  • Transportation: Saw a 31% reduction in conventional, single-driver vehicle commuting, the most way for people to get to and from work in the region. People drive or ride with others (carpooling), or use fuel-efficient vehicles, bikes and other alternate forms of transportation.
  • Energy Star: Saw an improvement in the ENERGY STAR Score across the 25 buildings at Bishop Ranch, with an average score of 90, demonstrating that the campus is in the top 10% of buildings nationally.

“Bishop Ranch is a truly wonderful exemplar of what green building certification can do to reduce environmental impact and improve the health and wellbeing of a property’s occupiers,” said Barry Giles, CEO of BuildingWise, the LEED building assessor agency in charge of recertifying Bishop Ranch. “Bishop Ranch’s recertification shows that LEED programs are not a ‘one-and-done’ operation – they are an ongoing program that continues to influence positive change and enhance asset value for ownership, management and lessors.”

Currently, Bishop Ranch is on track for the next recertification in 2020, measuring performance and ensuring compliance throughout the calendar years.

Since its purchase of Bishop Ranch in 1978, Sunset Development Company has recognized the importance of environmental responsibility and achieving LEED certification reaffirms its ongoing commitment to sustainable land development and efficient building management.

About Bishop Ranch
Bishop Ranch, owned and operated by Sunset Development Company, is built on a legacy of sound planning and smart growth. Located on 585 acres in the San Ramon Valley, it is the largest mixed-use business community in Northern California. For nearly four decades, Bishop Ranch has continually, carefully grown to become a dynamic center for the modern business. Today, the prosperous surrounding communities — 192,000 residents within a six-mile radius — enjoy an average household income of $162,000.
We are home to 30,000 employees at over 600 companies in more than 30 industries, Among the tenants are many Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Chevron, General Electric, IBM, PG&E, Robert Half, SAP, BlackBerry, Bank of the West, Toyota and Berkshire Hathaway. Numerous small businesses in high tech, bio/clean tech, and social software, such as Affiliated Computer Services, Aon eSolutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions and AGIS Network have chosen to locate in this diverse and thriving business environment. Bishop Ranch offers a unique flexibility for the space requirements of companies large and small, and its tenants occupy spaces from 150 square feet to more than 1 million square feet.
Employees at Bishop Ranch enjoy a wide range of amenities and on-site services, including award-winning transportation programs, professional seminars and networking opportunities, a comprehensive tenant event program, special offers and discounts, gourmet food trucks and a farmers market.
For more information, visit bishopranch.com.

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