2600 @ Bishop Ranch Earns LEED® Gold Green Building Certification

SAN RAMON, Calif., (May 26, 2015) – 2600, the office complex located within Bishop Ranch, one of the Bay Area’s most vibrant business destinations, has been awarded LEED® Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The certification completes Sunset Development Company’s ambitious project to update all of its 27 buildings to earn LEED recognition, the largest concentration of LEED certified buildings outside an urban area. Comprised of four interconnected buildings on a park-like 100-acre campus, 2600 is at the heart of Bishop Ranch, the premier business community planned and developed by Sunset Development Company.

With its 1.8 million square feet of office space, it is the Bay Area’s largest office building. The complex recently underwent a significant renovation, transforming it into a model of green operating efficiency, incorporating into the buildings’ operations and maintenance the efficient use of electricity, water and green building materials.

By using less energy and water, LEED-certified buildings save money for businesses, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier environment for workers, residents and the larger community.

Following the renovations and a detailed review of the buildings’ current energy usage, maintenance and operations, the USGBC awarded the complex LEED® Gold Certification for Existing Buildings Operations.

“Our top priority has always been to be a committed partner in the community’s success, and an important part of that is working to protect and conserve our natural resources,” said Alexander Mehran, Jr., President and COO of Sunset Development Company.

“Renovating 2600 to LEED® Gold certification standards is the latest example of our pledge to create sustainable workplaces where people and business can flourish.” In addition to 2600s green credentials, the spaces throughout its interconnected buildings have been designed to foster creativity and innovation.

“2600 features large blocks of contiguous space and open, flexible floor plans readily adaptable to change,” Mr. Mehran explained.

“These innovative spaces make possible a variety of work models meant to foster collaboration and the sharing of ideas.”2600 is owned by Sunset Development and its partner MetLife.

About Bishop Ranch
Bishop Ranch, owned and operated by Sunset Development Company, is built on a legacy of sound planning and smart growth. Located on 585 acres in the San Ramon Valley, it is the largest mixed-use business community in Northern California. For nearly four decades, Bishop Ranch has continually, carefully grown with its successful neighbors to become a dynamic center for the modern business.

Today, the prosperous surrounding communities — 192,000 residents within a six-mile radius — enjoy an average household income of $162,000. We are home to 30,000 employees at 600 companies in more than 30 industries. Among the tenants are many Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Chevron, General Electric, IBM, PG&E, Robert Half, Bank of the West, Toyota and Berkshire Hathaway.

Numerous small businesses in high tech, bio/clean tech, and social software — such as Affiliated Computer Services, Aon eSolutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions and AGIS Network – have also chosen to locate in this diverse and thriving business environment.

Bishop Ranch offers a unique flexibility for the space requirements of companies large and small, and its tenants occupy spaces from 150 to more than 1 million square feet.Employees at Bishop Ranch enjoy a wide range of amenities and on-site services, including award-winning transportation programs, professional seminars and networking opportunities, special offers and discounts, gourmet food trucks and a farmers’ market.For more information, visit bishopranch.com.

About the U.S. Green Building Council
The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. With a community comprising 80 local affiliates, more than 18,000 member companies and organizations, and more than 167,000 LEED Professional Credential holders, USGBC is the driving force of an industry that is projected to contribute $554 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product from 2009-2013.

About LEED
The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED green building certification system is the foremost program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings. More than 100,000 projects are currently participating in the LEED rating systems, comprising over 8 billion square feet of construction space in all 50 states and 114 countries.  For more information, visit www.usgbc.org.

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