353 Main Street Residential Project in Redwood City Still in Pre-Application Phase

Redwood City ROEM Development Corporation JETT Landscape Architecture & Design Withee Malcolm Architects Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors

Redwood City ROEM Development Corporation JETT Landscape Architecture & Design Withee Malcolm Architects Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors

By Jacob Bourne

ROEM Development Corporation submitted a second round of conceptual design plans to the Redwood City Planning Department on October 21 following an original submission this summer and subsequent feedback from City staff. According to a senior planning staff member the current plans are under review and comments are expected to be submitted back to the developer later this month. The project is still in the very preliminary stages and a conclusion about whether it will receive a recommendation from Planning cannot be determined yet, however a residential development of this nature, was one of several visions for the site that’s located within the North Main Street Precise Plan Area. Current project team members include Withee Malcolm Architects, Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors, and JETT Landscape Architecture & Design.

Plans call for 125 studio, one and two bedroom units, a percentage of which will be designated moderately and very affordable. The building will total 192, 812 square feet and reach 78 feet with four or five stories over two levels of parking on the 1.62-acre site. Parking areas provide 178 auto stalls and 42 bicycle racks.

Open space amenities include a roof deck, podium courtyard, dog run and areas around the exterior of the building totaling 28,217 square feet. Tree hedges dot the perimeter of the site to create a visual buffer while raised planters, various ground cover plant species and an artificial waterfall impart a natural feel to the grounds.

[contextly_sidebar id=”lzM62drb8WEzALMQGCkNGJlH2NwG6AyO”]“The plans meet and exceed the City requirements for open space,” said Jesse Markman, associate, JETT. “Our plans align with what the City wants. We’re designing a nice pedestrian trail and creek overlook. One challenge with the specific plan is that the City also wants access to the Redwood Creek area for emergency vehicle access. We’re hoping to design this area as a public amenity instead of just a paved over access lane. The back of the building will be opened up as a backyard space for residents. The EV lane area can also be combined with the dog-run that will have artificial turf and a dog wash. These decisions will ultimately be made by the developer.”

The Redwood Creek flows past the rear of the structure providing scenic views for residents in the seated outdoor areas that are in close proximity to a publicly accessible trail. An outdoor bar area and bocce court are also to the rear of the building to feature extensive installations of native plants.

“Another challenge is that with the new FEMA requirements, all space to be occupied needs to be elevated,” continued Markman. “We’d like to do a step-up plaza out front instead of a massive staircase, so it can be another place for residents to enjoy and socialize.

The North Main Street Precise Plan was adopted in 2008 and covers a 9.5-acre geography bounded by Highway 101, Redwood Creek, Veterans Boulevard, and Main Street. The main goal of the Plan is to create a link between Downtown and Bayfront areas with infill development and strong bicycle and pedestrian access. The proposed project is in line with the central components of the Plan’s development criteria.

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