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Advertise in the Daily E-Mails

The Daily E-Mail is a curated e-mail newsletter that goes out four days a week (Monday through Thursday) to over 20,000 commercial real estate executive subscribers. The email features original news stories by The Registry reporters as well as industry announcements curated by our editors.

A separate Friday e-mail summarizes the entire week’s news and is sent to the same audience, however, the product is sold separately.

Advertising in the Daily NewsFeed guarantees that your message will be seen by thousands of commercial real estate professionals interested in the Northern California markets.

Ads are available quarterly, semi-annually and annually, and you can change your ad as many times as you want. Billing is typically done on a monthly basis.

Here’s an example of the daily e-mail.

Here’s an example of the Friday e-mail.

Advertise on Our Website

The Registry offers several ways to advertise on our website:

An advertorial gives your company the opportunity to create your personal narrative in a visually compelling manner through written words, bold images, and rich video. Your story will be front and center for a full month on The Registry’s website, its email platform(s), as well as our social media channels.

Here’s an example of the advertorial.

Our website offers several ways to help you promote your brand, promote an event, celebrate or offer a lease. A leaderboard ad appears at the top of every page and in several locations on the front page. A sidebar ad can be a single square or a double square size ad. We can also provide an ad below every article.

The website generates over 1.2 million page views per month. On an annual basis, over 500,000 unique readers visit the website.

Sponsor a Webinar or an In-Person Event 

The Registry events gather local leaders from the Nothern California commercial real estate community for invaluable networking opportunities and insightful discussions with the industry’s most successful businesspeople across the industry.

For more information about sponsorships and our past events, please check out this link.

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