Alliant and Corporation for Better Housing to Develop $70MM of Affordable Housing in Santa Rosa and Contra Costa

Alliant Capital, Corporation for Better Housing, Kawana Springs, The Atchinson, Pittsburgh
Kawana Springs, Courtesy of Alliant Capital

Alliant Capital announces today the closing of their investment in Kawala Springs and The Atchison; the new development of over 350 affordable housing units in Santa Rosa and Contra Costa counties, respectively. 

About Kawana Springs

Kawana Springs is the new construction of ~150 multifamily affordable housing units in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley, CA. Incomes of resident families will be between less than 60% of the area median income. 

The all-electric, net-zero project is designed to achieve LEED Platinum status. With the goal of offsetting 100% of the energy required to operate the buildings, Kawana Springs will feature a PV solar panel system, a thermal energy storage system, and will connect to the electrical grid only when needed. Additionally, the development will participate in the Department of Energy (DOE) WaterSense program, with the goal of reducing the overall water consumption at the development by incorporating water saving fixtures and employing a water conscious landscape design.

Supportive services for residents will include various adult education programs: health & wellness, skills building classes, financing literacy and computer training.

Construction completion is anticipated to occur in October, 2022.

About The Atchison

The Atchison is the new construction of 202 multifamily LIHTC units in the city of Pittsburg, Contra Costa County, California. The projected construction timeline spans a 22-month period, culminating in October 2022. 

When completed, The Atchison will consist of 20 efficiency units, 122 one-bedroom/one bath units, and 60 two-bedroom/one bath units. 100 units will be set aside for households whose income is at or below 50% of the area median income (“AMI”) and 100 units will be set aside for households whose income is at or below 70% of AMI. The overall average income for the Project will be 60% of AMI.

 About Alliant Capital

The Alliant Company is a leading tax credit (LIHTC) firm focused on providing tax credit syndication for the development and financing of affordable multifamily rental housing. Founded in 1997 to assist in America’s critical need for affordable housing, today Alliant is among the nation’s top syndicators and has an unparalleled track record of success. With a dedicated team of experienced commercial real estate, asset management, legal and tax professionals, Alliant provides the highest level of fully integrated real estate and investment support services. We deliver rock-solid expertise with an innovative perspective.

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