Barry Swenson Builder Completes Solar Project for City of Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz, CA, April 13, 2013 – Northern California developer and contractor Barry Swenson Builder (BSB) announced today it has completed construction on the two newest renewable energy projects in Santa Cruz, the City Hall and Police Department Solar Photovoltaic Projects.

[contextly_sidebar id=”b01b2d903835be66da25526140d3cf73″]The public/private partnership was an effort between BSB, the City of Santa Cruz and Swenson Solar. With federal energy rebates at $600K, an estimated 445 kilowatts are generated at both facilities. BSB incorporated art elements into the City Hall solar structural system its parking lot was reconstructed concurrently with solar installation. With an approximate 16 year payback, 80-90% of the combined facilities electrical power is generated onsite.

Energy efficient and new parking lot lighting was installed with new landscaping. The shaded parking reduces hot spots and installation of two dual electric vehicle charging stations are added benefits to the public. Additional information includes:

  • 20 million kilowatt hours of generated electricity and 5,000 tons of greenhouse emission reduction over 30 years.
  • Competitive price per kilowatt hour.
  • General fund energy savings of $200,000 a year (in years 16-30) and $2 million over the life of system.
  • City purchase of system guaranteed at 35% of original cost after 10- years.
  • Guaranteed 4% rate of return on $1.3 million city loan and a 10 year loan payback.
  • Prevailing Wage projects with area contractors and consultants, which include Collins Electric, Durden Construction, Nor Cal Engineering, Ifland Engineers, Swenson Solar, Barry Swenson Solar, and KnK Painting
  • Landscaped bioswales installed to filter parking lot storm water runoff.

About BSB
For thirty-five years, Barry Swenson Builder has been a dynamic partner in building the Bay Area. Three generations of expertise, along with a proven Design-Develop-Build platform, deliver an unparalleled level of creative design, quality developments and efficient construction practices. Throughout Northern California, BSB’s wide range of construction and development services is backed by decades of resources, referrals and sound business practices that have made BSB a respected leader in the community.


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