Bay Area Attorney Christopher Hanson Proposes Rent-Control Alternatives

San Francisco, CA (November 2015) — In light of a November 6, 2015, NBC Bay Area article about a recent rent-control meeting in Alameda that erupted in violence, attorney Christopher Hanson, founder of the Hanson Law Firm, lists effective alternatives to rent control.

“Alternatives to rent control can primarily be achieved by increasing the housing supply,” said Hanson. “This promotes housing affordability for both renters and homeowners.”

Another alternative, adds Hanson, includes direct financial assistance to needy renters. In fact, San Francisco recently passed its own Proposition A to do just that. Proposition A allows the city to sell $310 million in affordable-housing bonds to develop and maintain housing for the city’s low- and middle-income households. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee hopes the money will aid his plan to build or repair 30,000 units by 2020.

“Alameda, which lies across the bay from San Francisco, could also fund such a program by way of a ‘meter tax,’ as the city owns its own utility company,” said Hanson. “By putting a tax on each meter, the occupant of that property would contribute to the fund, renter or owner alike.”

By doing this, adds Hanson, all of Alameda pays to subsidize those in need. This also has the potential to thwart any future incidents like the one at the Alameda rent-control meeting, which was called to discuss rising rents and a possible moratorium on rate increases but resulted in the arrest of two men and the assistant city manager being injured in the scuffle and hospitalized. However, according to the NBC Bay Area article, Alameda is currently reviewing its rent-control policies.

“People on both sides of the fence need to also keep in mind that not all landlords are greedy, and many of Alameda’s mom and pop owners/landlords are far from wealthy,” said Hanson. “Tenants, although they have rights, are not the entitled takers of an owner’s hard work and property value, either. Both groups prefer a co-existing peace, and it is up to the citizens of Alameda to choose which path they want.”

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