BCCI Construction Company Renews Palo Alto Office Lease in Anticipation of Continued Growth

Skype Headquarters: BCCI Construction and Design Blitz. © Matthew Millman.

Palo Alto, CA (March 14, 2012) – BCCI Construction Company, the Bay Area’s premier commercial contractor, has renewed the lease of its Palo Alto office as part of its commitment to the region and in anticipation of continued market growth. BCCI established its Palo Alto office in 2007, and has been doing business throughout Silicon Valley for more than a decade.

Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary year, BCCI attributes its success within Silicon Valley to the continued growth of the technology sector. Indeed, BCCI’s commitment to the technology sector, and the Silicon Valley market at large, has allowed the company to prosper. Despite flat projections across the nation’s construction industry, BCCI continues to report steady growth and anticipates that 2012 revenue projections will return to 2008 levels.

Over the years, BCCI has attracted a client base of notable technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, SAP, Adobe Systems, and Skype, many of which have large, on-going real estate requirements. BCCI’s reputation for innovation coupled with its commitment to quality control, has allowed the firm to successfully develop relationships with such prominent corporations.

Skype Headquarters: BCCI Construction and Design Blitz. © Matthew Millman.

Furthermore, BCCI has effectively aligned budget and project expectations on each project by utilizing its Real Time Estimator (RTE) process in concert with a commitment to environmentally responsible standards. In the case of the Palo Alto Technology Center—an exterior remodel of a 10-building business park, originally built in 1975—BCCI, with Chang Architecture, repositioned the property from a nautical ‘harbor’ theme to a modern tech-focused campus. The new campus provides greater appeal to R&D and technology-savvy companies desiring a Palo Alto location.

BCCI President & CEO Michael Scribner attributes the company’s strength to careful planning and execution. “Our commitment to the quality of our services, how we execute, and the product that we deliver are differentiators,” says Scribner. “We never compromise the quality of our work. We have had the same high standards before, during, and throughout the recession.”

The decision to renew the Palo Alto lease for another seven years will position BCCI to serve clients within the technology, venture capital, law and wealth management sectors for years to come. Moreover, the renewed lease represents the company’s readiness to assist current and future clients with offices in both San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

BCCI Construction Company, headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Palo Alto, is a leading commercial contractor serving the Greater Bay Area. Established in 1986, BCCI provides a full range of construction services. Primarily known as a premier commercial interior builder, BCCI’s portfolio of work now includes major building renovations, historic restoration and seismic upgrades. BCCI also offers a unique range of preconstruction services, sustainable construction practices and LEED consulting. For more information, please visit www.bcciconst.com.

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