BNBuilders Announces Transition to 100% ESOP


Seattle, WA, January 31, 2022 – BNBuilders (BNB) is proud to announce they are now a 100% employee-owned company. As of December 23, 2021, the company has transitioned its ownership structure to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  

“Empowering our employees has been one of our primary goals since our founding in 2000. Throughout the last two decades, our employees have been investing their passion and efforts in putting our client’s satisfaction and goals above all else. With this transition to an ESOP, we now are reinvesting in the people who have delivered on those promises. Our employees are now direct stakeholders in the success of our clients. We believe this sets the foundation for our next generation of leaders and overall future success. I am extremely proud that after 22 years, this vision has come to life,” said Brad Bastian, BNBuilders President, and Founder.

“It is no secret that our employees set us apart and make us who we are,” adds Bastian. “This change still allows us to deliver the same sought-after service our clients have come to expect, while also empowering our employees to share in the success of their efforts now and in the future.”  

“The move to an ESOP allows us to retain our management and leadership teams throughout the company”, says Bastian. “There will be no immediate change to our leadership teams. We are positioning ourselves for significant long-term growth. This sets the stage to establish a successful future transition of leadership and long-term success.” 

The announcement of this transition was made to all 1,000 plus BNB employees earlier this month and was met with great enthusiasm. Bastian points out that becoming an ESOP will further improve a workplace environment that has been consistently recognized by multiple publications across the West Coast as a ‘Best Place to Work’.

“Employee ownership rewards our people for the innovation and passion they bring to their work each day,” Bastian adds. “This change is a natural evolution to our collaborative culture. Our goal is to attract and retain the incredible people who share our collaborative and progressive vision to be the best builders.”  

“This is a very exciting and meaningful transition that greatly benefits our company and ensures our continued success in delivering for our clients,” said Bastian.  

About BNBuilders 
Founded in 2000 in Seattle, BNBuilders is a 100% employee-owned general contractor specializing in complex projects for clients in the life sciences, education, healthcare, public, and technology sectors. They are known for their innovative solutions to highly technical issues, comprehensive preconstruction services, passion for sustainable construction practices, and commitment to the communities in which they do business. With four offices, 1,000+ employees, and a strong presence in the California, Colorado, and Washington construction markets, BNBuilders is a leader and preferred contractor for some of the most recognizable and respected companies in the world.

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