California Department of Public Health Completes Radiation Health and Safety Scanning on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Parcel A-2

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San Francisco — After five weeks of work, the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) has completed walkover and towed array scanning of Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel A-2, a currently uninhabited future project area, also called the “Hillside”.

CDPH conducted the survey under an October 15, 2018 work plan prepared by its Radiologic Health Branch. All results to date have found no radiation health or safety risks to residents and people working in the area surrounding Parcel A-2.

During the five weeks of work, eight anomalies were detected during the walkover scanning, which were all determined to be potassium-40, a naturally occurring element normally found throughout nature, including in plants, animals, various foods and our bodies. CDPH advises that detection of potassium-40 is not unusual for a radiation scan of this type and is not a health or safety concern for people or the environment.

Over the coming week, CDPH will conduct a quality check to confirm their findings and complete the analysis of the towed array data.

To read CDPH’s Progress Update #3 on the Parcel A-2 scan, go to

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