Calls Mount for Balanced Formula Retail Leasing Rules in San Francisco

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Chains also can be neighborhood traffic generators and offer employee benefits and career advancement opportunities that mom-and-pop stores often do not, Cleaveland added.

[contextly_sidebar id=”70626913fc46c4dbe67ac060e2ea27e0″]Studies cited by San Francisco’s Planning Department in a summary on the topic found both local stores and chain stores garner economic advantages. For instance, chain stores can attract new customers and offer a wider selection of goods and services.

Conversely, independent businesses generate a higher investment return and economic growth for the local economy because they pay higher wages; purchase goods and services from local businesses more often than chain stores; and employees and owners tend to live in the local area, returning their earnings back to the local community, according to a 2008 study by Massachusetts-based Ridley & Associates, Inc.

Holmes and Cleaveland also say that the path to permitting needs to be smoother.

“We need to streamline the process. San Francisco is business unfriendly,” Cleaveland said. “Of course we don’t want to be Anytown, U.S.A. We are San Francisco. We are unique. [But] there needs to be a balance.”

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