MeasureOne, Consumer-Permissioned Data

PropTech: MeasureOne Pioneers Platform Using Consumer-Permissioned Data to Make Real Estate Deals Easier

By Meghan Hall Technology certainly has its benefits--and its risks. As both the world and real estate have become increasingly digitized, conversations around data security and the security of online...
Procore, Seattle, San Francisco, Customer Return on Investment Report, Los Angeles

PropTech: Longstanding Construction Tech Firm Procore Finds Success in “The Big Picture”

By Meghan Hall Procore, a construction management software, got its start in the early 2000s--far before the wider commercial real estate industry began to accept tech. Over the years, the...
HomeLight, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles

PropTech: As Competition for Homes Skyrockets, HomeLight Uses Platform to Spearhead Contingency-Free Transactions

By Meghan Hall The pandemic, rising interest rates and just a general supply-demand imbalance have all contributed to a hyper-competitive for-sale housing market. With buyers frequently facing bidding wars, the...
ALICE Technologies, Oracle P6, Microsoft Project, Excel

PropTech: AI-Powered Construction Platform ALICE Technologies

By Meghan Hall The construction industry is a vast sector that includes more than seven million employees that work to create around $1.4 trillion in projects each year. Despite the...
Torii, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, TikTok, Tinder, Zillow

PropTech: “Tinder for Real Estate” Platform Torii Gains Traction as Housing Market Evolves

By Meghan Hall The housing market saw an explosion of activity this past year, and both buyers and realtors are looking for ways to streamline the process of searching for--and...

PropTech: Prescient Leverages Replicability of Hospitality and Multifamily Development to Create Efficiencies in Construction

By Meghan Hall As construction costs continue to rise, new tech is evolving in an effort to streamline processes and budgets. At Prescient, a hospitality- and multifamily-focused company, the goal...
McKinstry, Avista, Edo, South Landing EcoDistrict, Spokane, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, U.S. Department of Energy

PropTech: McKinstry, Avista Team Up to Produce “Edo,” to Improve Utility Functionality and Green...

By Meghan Hall The way utilities function has changed little over the decade, but as new data around climate and its relationship to the built world is released, those in...
Doma, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, North American Title Company, Opendoor, Blend, Hippo

PropTech: Doma Continues Mission to “Architect” the Future of Real Estate as it Goes...

By Meghan Hall The real estate industry is ripe for change, and as a result, a number of new technologies are coming to market and quickly growing. Doma, which seeks...
ZEVTRON, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles

PropTech: ZEVTRON Platform Looks to Accelerate EV Charging Infrastructure for Commercial Properties

By Meghan Hall As electric vehicles and green modes of transportation increase in popularity, so has the need for electronic infrastructure and charging stations. ZEVTRON, an emerging tech platform, is...
StackSource, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles

PropTech: StackSource Looks to Connect Investors and Project Teams Through Growing Loan Platform

By Meghan Hall The commercial real estate and lending sectors have historically been reliant on granular data, and this information was often only accessible or given to those closely involved...

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