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PropTech: Griddig Q&A

By Jack Stubbs Commercial real estate tech is a phrase becoming more and more ubiquitous throughout real estate markets nationwide, as professionals within the industry look to more innovative and...
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PropTech: Qualia Q&A

By Jack Stubbs In a real estate market increasingly synonymous with the term “commercial real estate tech,” companies are continually looking to integrate technology into their real estate platforms. Qualia,...
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PropTech: Rental Insiders

By Jack Stubbs In an age where everything is going virtual, online platforms in the rental real estate market are continually transforming the industry. Rental Insiders is an organization whose...

PropTech: NavigatorCRE

By Jack Stubbs In an increasingly prevalent trend, many cloud-based platforms are seeking to redefine and revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. NavigatorCRE is a platform that synthesizes data and...
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PropTech: Bluescape

By Jack Stubbs Many cloud-based platforms are trying to make a name for themselves in the increasingly tech-based CRE market. Bluescape—a collaborative workspace environment designed to allow teams to share...
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PropTech: Rudolph Property Explorer

By Jack Stubbs “There’s an arms race going on in this industry. Some bigger companies have more funding behind them and are more well-known. I have a niche, and I...
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PropTech: FullStack Modular

By Jack Stubbs “There’s a huge housing deficit across the world; skilled trades are disappearing…the result of that is necessity. People want answers… a modular solution, or an idea of...
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PropTech: Project Frog

By Jack Stubbs Project Frog is a technology and building systems company based in San Francisco, CA that delivers prefabricated component buildings at all levels of the construction industry. The...
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PropTech: Interview with Mike Sroka, Founder and CEO of Dealpath

By Jack Stubbs Just how integrated is technology with the commercial real estate market? That depends on whom you ask. “I think we’re entering into a consolidation phase now. It’s a unique...

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