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PropTech: Valcre Gives Facelift to Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Industry

By Meghan Hall The appraisal industry is one of the oldest in the United States. Dominated by Excel and manual Word spreadsheets, the industry has seen very little innovation over...
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PropTech: As Self-Storage Industry Surges, Neighbor Brings Gig Economy Potential to the CRE

By Meghan Hall Despite its growth in recent years, the self-storage industry has seen next to no innovation, even as proptech has infused itself into the rest of the commercial...

PropTech: CREtelligent Looks to Advance Industry’s Due Diligence Processes

By Meghan Hall The due diligence period in the commercial real estate sector can be lengthy and complicated, with a number of different processes and parties involved. As the industry...
Local Logic

PropTech: Local Logic and the Importance of Location Intelligence in the Real Estate Industry

By Meghan Hall The real estate sector is filled with careful decisions based on a wide variety of factors, and in some cases, intuition regarding the market. However, real estate...

PropTech: Cityhive Taps into Tenant Knowledge to Help Landlords Fill Vacancies

By Meghan Hall In the nation’s busiest markets, landlords are always looking for ways to fill residential vacancies while competing with other properties. According to Bethany Taufiq, CEO and Founder...
Jetty, Renter’s Choice

PropTech: As the Pandemic Increases Economic Uncertainty, Jetty Helps Tenants Increase Liquidity

By Meghan Hall Even prior to the current pandemic, renters across the nation facing cost burdens as rising rents continued to outpace increases in paychecks. This challenge led to the...
Moxtra, Cornerstone Permit

PropTech: Cornerstone Permit and Moxtra Join Forces to Maintain Connections with Clients in a...

By Meghan Hall As the pandemic hit, some businesses in the real estate industry noticed a decline in activity and required companies to innovate. For Chicago-based Cornerstone Permit, this meant...
PassiveLogic, RET Ventures, NREP, Keyframe Capital

PropTech: With PassiveLogic, Smart Buildings are not just “Connected” Buildings, They’re Intelligent

By Meghan Hall Technology has transformed the way that those in the commercial real estate industry are able to view property through the gathering and analysis of hundreds of data...
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PropTech: Vero Leasing on What CRE’s Swell of New Tech Could Mean for Residential...

By Meghan Hall Vero Leasing is a cloud-based platform designed to enable those within the multifamily industry to complete lease applications in a more streamlined manner. As more transactions move...
Juniper Square

PropTech: Investment Real Estate Platform Juniper Square Finds Success by Growing Alongside CRE Industry

By Meghan Hall The past couple of years has brought an explosion of tech into the commercial real estate market. Many of these new technologies seek to accomplish similar goals,...

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