City Launches Park Champions Pilot Program

City Seeking Volunteers for Andrew Spinas, Sandpiper, and Stulsaft Parks

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. — The Redwood City Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department is piloting a new program aimed at building community and boost civic pride by recruiting volunteers to play an active role in stewarding their neighborhood park. 

The City is currently seeking volunteer Park Champions for the first three pilot parks-Andrew Spinas, Sandpiper, and Stulsaft. Park Champions can be individuals, families and/or business representatives who live and/or work close to these Redwood City parks.  

“The Parks and Recreation Commission is thrilled to launch this program and a full work plan that seeks to further the City’s mission of “Building a Great Community Together” and enhance the City’s strategic initiative focused on ‘a community for all ages’,” said Marcella Padilla, chair of the Parks Recreation and Community Services Commission. “Parks make life better and the Park Champions program empowers community members to take ownership of their park and to encourage their neighbors to reconnect with each other through taking care of the park or simply enjoying it together. The goal is to expand this program over the long term so all parks in Redwood City can benefit.” 

Park Champions would work together with the City and their neighbors to steward one of these parks for the well-being of everyone, from organizing cleanups to reporting any issues to the City such as repairs or lights needed. The pilot program will initially focus on three parks including Andrew Spinas Park, Sandpiper Park and Stulstaft Park, located in different areas of the Redwood City community.

The pilot program will be launched in phases, with Stulsaft Park Champions starting late June, and Andrew Spinas Park and Sandpiper Park beginning this July. 

Pilot park details include:  

Andrew Spinas ParkLocated at 2Avenue and Bay Road, this park features a basketball court, grass area, playground, picnic tables, tennis court and more. 

Sandpiper Park: Located at Redwood Shores Parkway and Egret Lane, this park features a baseball diamond, grass area, basketball court, playground and soccer field. 

Stulsaft Park: Located at 3737 Farm Hill Blvd, this park features BBQs, hiking trails, grass area, off-leash dog area, picnic tables, playground and more. 

Redwood City boasts over 30 unique parks from small neighborhood parks that are only a quarter of an acre, to larger multi-use parks that are 40 acres, to off-leash dog parks and a skate park. To volunteer and learn more, go here, For all Redwood City park locations, go here.

About the City of Redwood City 

The City of Redwood City is a San Francisco Bay Area community located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the technology-rich region extending from the San Francisco Peninsula to the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Redwood City is the third largest city within the County of San Mateo, with 85,992 residents. The city enjoys an average of 255 sunny days a year, which it boasts via the city slogan: “Climate Best by Government Test”. Incorporated in 1867, Redwood City is home to the San Mateo County History Museum (located in the county’s old courthouse) and the only active deep water port within the south bay of San Francisco. The city’s vibrant downtown, quickly becoming known as the entertainment hub of the San Francisco Peninsula, offers residents, visitors, and businesses a unique retail, entertainment, and restaurant experience. 

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