City of Concord Appoints Special Investigator for Master Developer of Naval Weapons Station

Concord Interim City Attorney Brian Libow announced today the selection of Michael Jenkins, of the law firm of Jenkins & Hogin, to act as special investigator into allegations of improper lobbying and Brown Act violations in the selection process for the Master Developer for the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

“I wanted someone with absolutely no connection with Catellus, no connection with Lennar, and no connection with the City of Concord or any potential witnesses,” said Libow. “Mr. Jenkins brings an unquestioned integrity to the investigative process. He is perhaps the preeminent Brown Act expert in the State of California.”

Jenkins serves as city attorney and special counsel for numerous municipalities around the State. He has served as President and Director of the City Attorneys Department of the League of California Cities, and is chair of the League’s Brown Act Committee. For the past 29 years, he has taught local government law at the University of Southern California Law Center and is a frequent lecturer on municipal law subjects and author of training programs and exercises for municipal lawyers and elected officials. Jenkins has conducted special investigations for a number of cities in both northern and southern California involving Brown Act violations, conflict of interest, and other alleged improprieties by elected officials and high-level city executives.

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