City of Concord to Establish Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee for Future Development of Concord Naval Weapons Station Project

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Two-person body will help ensure collaborative and productive planning process for critical development project

CONCORD, Calif., June 30, 2022 — Concord First Partners (CFP) acknowledges Concord Mayor Dominic Aliano’s decision to establish an Ad-Hoc Committee to help ensure a collaborative and productive planning process for the Concord Naval Weapons Station development project.

“We understand the Mayor, by establishing this committee, wants to assist us and the Local Reuse Authority as we plan together and process this important and transformational development project,” said CFP’s Vice President Jeb Elmore. “We understand how important it is to collaborate closely with community organizations, lawmakers and other stakeholders to ensure that we all have the same collective vision. We all want to see the successful implementation of this plan and this committee can help us achieve our shared goals.”

The Ad-Hoc committee will be composed of Mayor Dominic Aliano and City Councilmember Edi Birsan.

Mayor Aliano established the Ad-Hoc Committee to participate and assist in the term sheet discussions between the City of Concord Local Reuse Authority (LRA) and Concord First Partners, LLC (CFP) as the draft term sheet is prepared and ultimately presented to the City Council. Additionally, the Committee will support staff and CFP in state and federal outreach taken to fulfill the goals and objectives of the term sheet, including identifying funding sources. The ad-hoc will cease to exist on June 27, 2023, unless disbanded sooner.

“We will continue to work with the Local Reuse Authority and this newly established Ad-Hoc Committee to move this project forward,” said Louis Parsons from Concord First Partners. “By working together, we believe we can achieve great things for the City of Concord and its residents, workers and businesses.”

Working in concert with the LRA and the Navy, CFP has proposed plans to transform the 5,000-acre site of the former base—which closed in 2005 – by planning and developing thousands of desperately needed homes, facilitating thousands of affordable housing units, providing job generating land uses and vast amounts of parks and open space. The proposed project will balance conservation and development priorities while offering an economically vibrant and sustainable community for all Concord residents.

Concord First Partners, LLC is a consortium comprised of Discovery Companies, Lewis Planned Communities and the California Capital & Investment Group (CCIG).

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