City of Cupertino Acquires Lawrence-Mitty Property for $2.69MM

Cupertino, CA —Today, the City of Cupertino completed the purchase of the Lawrence-Mitty property. The City purchased the property to develop a neighborhood park on the eastern side of Cupertino, as identified in the City’s 2019 Parks and Recreation System Master Plan. The property consists of approximately 7.8 acres located between Lawrence Expressway, Interstate 280, and Bollinger Road, with the Saratoga Creek Channel running through the site along the western side.

“This is the culmination of over a decade of efforts from people in and around Cupertino to deliver meaningful park space to our east side. We are deeply grateful to all stakeholders whose dedication achieved this,” said Vice Mayor Darcy Paul. “The truth of the matter is that sometimes the process is long, and sometimes the conversations are challenging, but it is well worth our collective work. We look forward to continue working positively with the entire community to ensure equity in accessibility to amenities.”

The County of Santa Clara has owned the Lawrence-Mitty property since 1972 and historically has used the site as a construction staging area. In 2007, the City of Cupertino, in anticipation of one day purchasing the land for a park area, pre-zoned the property as Parks and Open Space via Ordinance No. 07-1998.

The City is purchasing the property from the County of Santa Clara for $2.69 million. The funds being used for the purchase, as well as for future development of the property, were provided as part of the Development Agreement between the City and Apple for the Apple Park Campus project. Work will begin on a Specific Plan that will be used to guide the development of a park.

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