City of Fremont Rent Review Ordinance Now in Effect

Fremont, California (April 15, 2018) – The City’s Rent Review Ordinance went into effect on January 1, 2018. This Ordinance provides for a review and, if necessary, a formal hearing before the Rent Review Board for proposed rent increases in excess of 5 percent in any 12-month period. It covers all residential rental units in Fremont, including single family homes and condominiums. While the recommendations of the Rent Review Board are not binding, the City strives for the rent review process to result in fair and equitable resolutions to both parties by providing a neutral setting for discussion.

For information about the Rent Review Ordinance and the Rent Review Program, including how to initiate the process and where to attend upcoming community outreach events, visit the City’s Rent Review web page.

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