City of San Carlos Parks & Recreation Director Announces Retirement

San Carlos, CA – Parks & Recreation Director Christine Boland announced earlier today that she will be retiring effective Friday, August 19, 2016.

Christine was hired by the City of San Carlos as Assistant City Clerk in June 1998. In the following election she was voted in as City Clerk, and was responsible for several improvements to that department including the development of an Automated Document Management System for all City records, a Document Retention Program and ePackets.Net – a program linking Agendas, Minutes and Council Reports to Meeting Videos. In 2009, voters in San Carlos passed a measure converting the City Clerk position from an elected office to an appointed office to insure that the position was filled with an individual who possessed the skill and qualifications needed by the City.

In 2011, Christine added the duties of Director of Community Relations to her position. In that role, she developed the popular Good Living Community Newsletter, which is mailed out to all San Carlos residents and businesses quarterly.

In February 2013, Christine was named Acting Parks & Recreation Director. Following a statewide search, Christine was appointed to the Director position permanently in July 2013. Christine had a leading role in the Crestview Park renovation, Burton Park Phase II renovation, Library interior renovation, Adult Community Center interior renovation, the establishment of the City Hall Dog Park, and the Eaton and Big Canyon parks trail sign projects. Christine also oversaw the interior updating of the Youth Center.

Throughout her tenure, Christine has provided the City with strong leadership and innovative vision. City Manager Jeff Maltbie said, “Christine’s 30-plus year career in local government here in San Mateo County serves as an inspiration to all who know her. She has been a strong advocate for government transparency and accountability. She will be missed at City Hall.”

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