Condos Coming to San Jose’s Delmas Avenue, Pending City Approval

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By Jacob Bourne

Three single-family homes on Delmas Avenue between West San Carlos Street and Auzerais Avenue in San Jose may be demolished if plans for a multi-family condominium building are approved. City Council will vote on the project — already endorsed by the City’s Planning Commission — at a Tuesday, June 14 hearing. Following the entitlement process expected to be completed by the end of June, developers will await Code and Public Works clearances.

Owned by Delmas Group, LLC, the proposal is for a five-story building with 120 units including a blend of studios and one to two-bedroom floorplans, totaling 125,452 square feet. Rezoning will be required from the current Light Industrial to Downtown Primary Commercial to allow for residential development. Salvatore Caruso Design Corporation is the project’s architect.

[contextly_sidebar id=”KXexHXWEgEVOyIwYtm3d7NGp2zziKJDy”]Four existing land parcels would be consolidated into a 0.8 acre site that’s located within the Downtown and Diridon Urban Village growth areas; corridors the city has selected for greater residential and commercial density, featuring transit, walkability, biking infrastructure, and access to both housing and jobs. According to Jennifer Piozet, project manager at San Jose’s Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department, the 363 Delmas proposal conforms to Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan, the Diridon Station Area, and Delmas Park Specific Plans.

Despite the requirement of one parking space per residential unit for San Jose’s downtown developments, zoning ordinances allow for a dramatic reduction in off-street parking if transportation alternatives, outlined in the Transportation Demand Management measure, are provided. These could include two free car share memberships per unit, one free Bay Area Bike Share per unit, and an on-site cargo bike share program for all residents. Within this framework, the condominium will also provide 156 bicycle parking spaces with storage hooks in units, and a bike repair shop to complement the 62 automobile garage spaces. About 50 percent of the units will have a spot in the parking garage.

Due to being situated within the building’s proposed footprint, twenty trees will be removed prior to construction and will be replaced by newly planted olive and fruit trees along with shrubbery in an area between the building and rear boundary of the property. Each unit will have a minimum of 60 square feet of balcony space, and a common use roof deck area will offer 12,487 square feet of greenery and open space. Inside the building will be an additional 535 square foot common area.

Phil Hood, a member of the board of directors for the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association attended a March meeting where Sal Caruso presented the plans.

“He was one of six architects and developers presenting plans for projects in the area,” Hood said. “363 Delmas was well received overall. People are happy with how responsive Sal has been to the community.”

Neighbors at the meeting expressed hope that historic single-family homes in the vicinity will be preserved alongside the new developments, however, none of the existing structures on parcels for this project are listed in the San Jose Historic Resources Inventory.

Hood anticipates construction to begin sometime this year, possibly as early as fall, and is excited about some of the design features. In addition to a roof top area equipped with veranda furniture and landscaping, an open-air courtyard will be in the condo’s center, providing natural views from unit balconies and windows. The building’s frontage will have a pedestrian-friendly, 15-foot setback with greenery, large windows, and awnings composed of metal and reclaimed wood for shade and aesthetic appeal.

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