Developer Employs Flexible Pop-Up Sales Tactic to Lure Condo Buyer

By Meghan Hall

San Francisco’s real estate market is competitive, and developers are constantly looking for innovative ways to lure buyers and get top dollar for their properties. Trumark Urban, a San Francisco-based residential and commercial real-estate developer, is continuing to up the ante with the announcement of its “pop-up” model residences at The Pacific in San Francisco.

Trumark Urban is introducing the pop-ups for the sale of its last three penthouses, which range in price from $6.5 million to $13.85 million dollars. The shell residences will feature moveable pop-up walls and 3D art installations in order to represent furniture and various pieces in the home. Two San Francisco-based design firms, Jeff Schlarb Design Studio and Green Couch, are involved in designing and staging the shells.

Like many developers, Trumark Urban has a whole host of tools in its arsenal to appeal to the modern buyer such as beautiful renderings, 3D floor plans and virtual reality programs. However, according to Arden Hearing, the managing director for Trumark Urban, the pop-up residences are meant to truly help buyers visualize the potential finished nature of the home.

“The modular models allow us to provide the benefits of an actual, physical model with the flexibility to adjust that physical model. We can move a wall and adjust the layout as needed,” explained Hearing. “The pop-ups show our vision and provide a user experience that aids people who are more tactile in nature.”

According to Hearing, the pop-ups have been well received and have caught the attention of buyers typical of San Francisco’s high-end residential real estate market, such as successful business executives and tech entrepreneurs. The pop-ups are similar to a staged model, but allow for potential buyers to walk through and adjust the model based on their own aesthetic preferences.

“The higher you get on the spectrum of home, the less commodity-like your product is, and the more you are able to provide custom shells,” said Hearing. “At the ultra-high-end, home buyers demand a hyper-unique home.”

The pop-ups complement the White Glove Buildout Service that Trumark Urban launched in partnership with Handel Interiors in the fall of 2017. Hearing works with potential buyers to completely customize their units, and Trumark Urban oversees the full delivery of the product from design to permitting to execution in an effort to create made-to-order luxury living. The service strives to take the burden of customization off the buyer, once again appealing to busy San Francisco-based professionals.

“[The pop-ups] expand on the ‘turnkey’ nature of our offering,” said Hearing. “We can deliver the finished product with as little or no effort on the homebuyer side if they so desire, though many of them want to be more hands-on.”

The pop-up model residences at The Pacific are not the first of its kind; Trumark Urban also used modular residences to sell two custom shell homes at the TEN50, located in downtown Los Angeles’ South Park neighborhood. According to Hearing, the units were warmly received, and Trumark Urban intends to continue using pop-up models in the sale of future residences, although where and in what market is unclear.

“We look at the modular model as a one more component in our marketing campaign,” said Hearing of The Pacific’s pop-up residences. “It’s just one more tool to help address a certain type of home buyer who might see things a different way, and we’re excited to be launching this program to show what’s possible with the remaining shells.”

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