Digital Realty Strongly Supports Newly Announced Tax Incentive Legislation That Will Advance Data Center Development In Arizona

SAN FRANCISCO, – Digital Realty Trust, Inc., a leading global provider of data center solutions, today announced its strong support of the recently passed tax incentive legislation that was created to advance data center development opportunities in Arizona.

The legislation allows data center owner/operators and qualified tenants to receive an exemption for sales and use taxes attributable to data center equipment purchased for use in a qualified data center. To qualify a data center, an owner/operator must initiate new investment in the state of at least $50 million for urban locations and $25 million for non-urban locations.

Upon certification, owner/operators and qualified tenants can benefit from the tax exemption for 10 years. Additional features include benefits for existing owner/operators that have created investment in the state over the past six years equal to $250 million or more. Also unique is this legislation’s focus on sustainable redevelopment; if an owner/operator seeks to redevelop and repurpose a vacant structure or seeks to redevelop an existing structure using sustainable development practices, the project can qualify for an enhanced tax benefit period of 20 years.

“Arizona’s accomplishment here should be applauded and we are proud to have played a material role in getting this done for the benefit of the state, the data center industry and, most importantly, our current and future customers in the area,” said David Caron, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management at Digital Realty.

Over the past year, Digital Realty has worked with community, business and industry leaders to create a framework for the legislation so that it would meet the needs of all parties involved. In 2012, the company founded the Arizona Data Center Coalition, a diverse group of wholesale data center and colocation facility owner/operators, local utility providers, brokers, economic development professionals and others, to publicly advocate for continuing improvements to legislation to place and keep Arizona in the top tier of states to host data centers. For more information about the Arizona Data Center Coalition, visit

“We are pleased to see this legislation pass and excited about the benefits it will afford our local customers,” said Michael F. Foust, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Realty. “And we are gratified that our dedication of time and resources has helped to produce legislation that will meet the unique needs of the data center industry as well as the economic development needs of the State of Arizona.”

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