Downtown Fremont’s ‘Main Street’ – Capitol Avenue – to Near Completion Fall 2016

Phase II of the City of Fremont Capitol Avenue Extension Project will near completion fall 2016. The project encompasses improvements to the existing portion of Capitol Avenue from State Street to Paseo Padre Parkway, continuing the transformation of Capitol Avenue from the recently completed Capitol Avenue extension from Fremont Boulevard to State Street. These efforts transition Capitol Avenue into a multi-modal street with 10–15 foot sidewalks, bike lanes, street furniture, enhanced landscaping, and free public parking.

Connectivity between the Fremont BART station and Downtown is crucial for Fremont residents, commuters and visitors. Phase III of Capitol Avenue improvements will enhance connections from Capitol Avenue across Paseo Padre Parkway and through the Gateway Plaza to the BART station with wider sidewalks, enhanced pedestrian lighting, new signage, improved bike lanes, and additional landscaping.

Wayfinding and directional signage will be placed at strategic locations from the Fremont BART station to Downtown Fremont, and at other landmarks in the city to help bicyclists and pedestrians navigate their way to and from the station. Green bike lanes will also be installed on BART Way to enhance safety for bicyclists.

Phase III is scheduled to start construction in spring 2017.

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