Drever Capital Management Named Finalist for Social Responsibility Award

Firm in top three for coveted NREI/IMN commercial real estate awards

San Francisco, California – June 1, 2016 – National Real Estate Investor and Information Management Network (NREI/IMN) have named Drever Capital Management (DCM) as a finalist for the Social Responsibility category of its annual Commercial Real Estate Awards. The highly sought-after awards will be announced in New York on June 13, 2016. Drever Capital Management is one of the top three finalists in the esteemed Social Responsibility category. DCM is recognized among other award finalists including Coldwell Banker, Cushman & Wakefield, and more.

The NREI/IMN Awards celebrate excellence in various areas of innovation and social responsibility that have made a significant contribution to the commercial real estate industry in the last year. Drever Capital Management’s place as a finalist for the Social Responsibility Award acknowledges the firm’s motto Doing Well by Doing Good, and over five decades of innovative impact investments.

DCM’s motto embodies the firm’s dedication to preserving and redeveloping middle-income workforce apartments into sustainable, cost effective communities, that have often been the catalyst to transform entire neighborhoods.

“Of all the real estate awards to be nominated for, we are most thrilled to be acknowledged in this category,” Said DCM Founder and Chairman Maxwell Drever. “Social responsibility is what built this firm and supports our family’s foundation. It is a great honor to be acknowledged as a leader in cultivating real change through entrepreneurial impact initiatives, and, especially so in the final round, when again we’re a ‘David’ being recognized among so many ‘Goliath’ firms.”

The Tiburon-based firm is known for generating triple-bottom-line returns (TBL) through its investments in multifamily developments for families with workforce-incomes. The breadth of the boutique firm’s legendary innovations continues to surprise many. Last month, DCM acquired H.L. Hunt’s iconic First National Bank tower in Dallas out of bankruptcy. 1401 Elm Street – the only full city block high-rise in Dallas, which, at 1,500,000 sq. ft., has been 100% vacant for the last 6 years.

In its unique norm, DCM spent millions before closing the sale to jumpstart the tower’s transformation. In only two years, the fast-tracked plans will redevelop the 50-story tower into 335 apartments with 30 affordable units along with vibrant retail, hotel and restaurants for downtown’s 10,000+ residents and 100,000+ office workers.

In addition to a world-class Shangri-La spa, the project will be including a wellness center with home healthcare and the first Montessori-based Planet Hope daycare center. In line with DCM’s focus on senior communities for workforce retirees, this will support in need children and seniors.

Planet Hope is a 501c3 charity by Kelly and Sharon Stone that the Drever Family Foundation is supporting with its annual Hotbed Benefit.

About Drever Capital Management
Since 1968, Maxwell Drever and the Drever Capital Management team have been dedicated to acquiring, managing, and developing top-level housing for middle class “workforce” families. DCM’s commitment to building a legacy of excellence by providing both superior amenities to residents and increased value for investors, combined with a leadership team with 70+ years of experience in real estate investing has lead the firm to outperform most higher-leveraged peers. For more information, visit drevercapitalmanagement.com. The Drever Family Foundation’s Hotbed Benefit will take place on June 4, 2016, supporting Planet Hope. For more information, visit www.hotbedbenefit.com.

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