Emeryville, California. One of, if Not the, Best Connected Cities in the US?

Emeryville, CA,— Emeryville, California, located on the east shore of San Francisco Bay is unapologetic about its boast of being well connected.

In fact, Emeryville claims to be among the most connected cities in the entire U.S.

Perhaps better known for being one of the global hot spots for life sciences research, Emeryville is now close to completing one of the country’s most extensive, robust, and massive broadband fiber backbones. “This community’s technological infrastructure provides the entire city with reliable, cost effective, scalable, secure, and high-speed connectivity,” says Nora Davis, Councilmember of the City of Emeryville.

By employing a private partnership, Emeryville has also created an Open Access fiber network that actually offers a wider choice of internet providers at a reasonable cost. Dubbed “EmeryConnect, the new system developed by PAXIO, Inc., offers a huge broadband capacity for both businesses and residential users throughout the City.

Four points of presence (POPs) in Emeryville already deliver two terabytes of broadband capacity on high-speed fiber to businesses such as Pixar Animation Studios, Novartis, Bayer HealthCare, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Clif Bar, Peets, Whole Foods, Ex’Pression College, and scores of retailers at its new Bay Street retail center among others.

Two terabytes of speed means that a single Emeryville user could download all the books in United States’ Library of Congress or 3,000 high definition movies in just about one minute.

“That’s huge,” adds Davis. “By contrast, the ‘Lit San Leandro,’ project, when completed in another East Shore city nearby, will offer only one point of presence with one 10 gigabit connection.”

Access to fiber with symmetric Internet speeds up to 10 gigabytes per second also lets businesses add faster speeds and more capacity as they grow. By providing better access and more competitive rates, EmeryConnect is a bar-setting example of how fiber infrastructure can be leveraged for the benefit of the entire community, says Davis.

Businesses gain from better access, more flexibility and competitive rates. As a result growing a business in Emeryville is less challenging. “Fiber connections between buildings also enhances seamless IT infrastructure expansion,” says Phillip Clark, Director of Operations of PAXIO, Inc.

For companies already located in Emeryville, the news only gets better

“Currently 70% of the city has high-speed broadband fiber available. But we are on track to reach 100% in the near future,” boasts Davis.

“There is plenty of excess capacity to support companies who are coming here — and the companies that are growing here as well.”

About Emeryville
Emeryville is a vibrant community located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area in a world-class bayside setting. Our eclectic and lively city enjoys a high quality of life and an exciting, diverse culture. The City is a truly livable urban experience, with a beautiful Marina Park (and boating berths); the Emeryville Greenway (linear park); and a variety of residential experiences, including live-work/lofts, condominium living, rental apartments, and single-family home neighborhoods. The City is perhaps best known as being the home of Pixar Animation Studios, but has long had a reputation as a regional center for artists and artisans. Each year, the City co-sponsors the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, a juried art exhibition, consisting of artists and artisans that live and/or work in Emeryville.

Emeryville has also become a center in the East Bay for retail, hospitality, and commercial businesses. In addition to having several regional retail centers and major retailers (including fashion, furniture, house goods, and more), the City is home to several hotels, theatres and top-notch restaurants. In addition, major corporations, such as Novartis, Bayer, State Farm Insurance, and Leapfrog, in addition to Pixar have made Emeryville their home. Emeryville prides itself on being at the center of bio-technology and is home to several cutting edge innovators, including the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), part of the U.S. Department of Energy.

The City is also a transportation hub, sitting at the crossroads of Highways I-80, I-580, and I-880. The City’s Amtrak Station is among the top 10 busiest in the nation, serving both intercontinental and intra-city (commuter) rail-lines. The City’s free Emery Go-Round shuttle carries riders from the MacArthur BART station and then throughout Emeryville and the City is home to several Flex-Car (car share) pods.


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