Energy Smart Awards Invites East Bay Businesses to be Recognized for Energy Benchmarking

Deadline to apply is January 15; Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland businesses are eligible

Berkeley, Calif.— East Bay commercial building owners and managers are encouraged to apply for the upcoming Energy Smart Awards to be recognized for proactively managing their buildings’ energy use through energy benchmarking. Benchmarking tracks a building’s energy efficiency and compares its performance against similar buildings via ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, a free online tool.  After a building’s basic data is entered, the tool provides an energy score and a customized report to help businesses manage energy use and save money on monthly utility bills.

The Energy Smart Awards are open to buildings in Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland. All buildings that benchmark their energy will receive an award and be ready to meet the requirements of California’s new energy benchmarking law. Dozens of office buildings, schools, hotels and grocery stores have already applied and will be among this year’s winners. The deadline to apply is January 15, 2014, and buildings will be recognized at a ceremony on January 30, hosted by the East Bay Environmental Network (EBEN) and BOMA Oakland East Bay.

Large and medium-sized commercial buildings are now required to benchmark under California law, AB 1103. The law requires non-residential buildings to disclose their benchmarking score prior to their sale, lease, or refinance. Beginning January 1, 2014, buildings with a total gross floor area of 10,000 square feet or more must comply with AB1103. Buildings of 5,000 square feet or more will need to comply beginning July 1.

“Benchmarking provides a real a benefit to building owners and operators,” said Gina Blus, one of EBEN’s co-founders. “It provides the building operator with critical information about how and where energy is being used, and where it can be saved.  Lowering energy use is an excellent way to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

To enter the Energy Smart Awards:

  1. Register for the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager online.
  2. Sign up with PG&E’s Web Services Data Authorization to release your building energy data and have it automatically uploaded to Portfolio Manager.
  3. View your results and track your progress. The Portfolio Manager generates a Statement of Energy Performance Report which scores your building on a 1-100 scale based on factors such as energy usage, water consumption, building size and heating and cooling needs.
  4. Fill out the Energy Smart Awards Program Application and attach a copy of the Statement of Energy Performance Report.
  5. All applicants will receive an award and be honored at the awards ceremony on January 30th.

To learn more, visit EBEN’s website on Energy Smart Awards.

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