Equinix Ramps Up Data Center Campus Expansion in South San Jose

San Jose Equinix IBX Data Centers iStar Financial PG&E Ruth and Going Inc South San Jose Technology Cloud Computing Internet

San Jose Equinix IBX Data Centers iStar Financial PG&E Ruth and Going Inc South San Jose Technology Cloud Computing Internet

By Jacob Bourne

Equinix, a global data center and colocation provider headquartered in Redwood City, operates in 40 markets on five continents and currently has a total of 170 centers. Two of the company’s seven Silicon Valley data center locations are in South San Jose. International Exchange Business data centers SV1 and SV5 are at 11 Great Oaks Boulevard and 9 Great Oaks Boulevard, respectively, and represent a core that’s being progressively expanded.

In June, Equinix broke ground on another Great Oaks Boulevard data center, SV10, located adjacent to SV1 and SV5. SV10 sits on an 11-acre parcel purchased by the company in April for $12 million from iStar Financial. Phase I of the two-building data center project is expected to be completed in June 2017 and will serve multiple tenants for a wide range of business uses. The centers will be mainly powered by the grid from a nearby PG&E substation along with solar panels onsite and existing fuel cells at SV5.

[contextly_sidebar id=”xCJUT4v8USaZkPr0MDvAI11p8Egc5El7″]“We chose this location because it borders our current campus and will benefit from our connectivity with SV1 as there’s additional capacity,” said Craig Pennington, vice president design engineering, Equinix. “It represents out latest generation of design to serve any internet user. It can deal with cloud customers at high density and large scales as well as retail customers in the same building.” Equinix has invested $125 million in the development of Phase I of SV10.

About a mile south on Great Oaks Boulevard at the corner of Via Del Oro, is an 18-acre parcel of vacant undeveloped grassland with some trees on the perimeter, where Equinix has proposed the construction of data centers SV12, SV13 and SV14. The three centers will total 564,000 square feet — 188,000 square feet for each two-story building, mostly used to house computer servers and related equipment under environmentally controlled conditions. Each building will include 5,000 square feet of office space.

The project also involves the potential creation of a Saint Teresa Substation on a nearby 1.9-acre site to serve the new data centers and supplement the existing PG&E Edenvale Service Center Substation at 6402 Saint Teresa Boulevard. An EIR has already been performed for the project and the comment period for the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration ends on January 18. Rebecca Bustos, Planning project manager, anticipates a Planning Commission hearing to be held on January 25.

“No changes to the site’s existing IP Industrial Park zoning is required by the project,” stated Bustos. “Data centers are a ‘special use’ in the IP Zoning District, necessitating a Special Use Permit. The project is consistent with all City regulations.”

Plans include seven outdoor generators, each with a three megawatt capacity run by diesel fuel as well as three loading docks for each building and 195,000 square feet of outdoor landscaping. Roof-mounted solar panels may be incorporated. Data centers generally use a high proportion of  total building energy consumption for mechanical cooling systems for the servers. This project will employ indirect evaporative cooling and variable refrigerant flow cooling systems for an estimated annual average PUE (ratio of total power of the facility to the power used by the IT equipment) of 1.25 and 1.40 during high outdoor temperature and humidity conditions. According to Pennington, the system has been shown to be effective in 90-percent of North American data centers and is especially effective in California due to historically lower humidity conditions.

If approved, each building is expected to take 10 months of construction in three phases beginning in 2017 or 2018. Equinix will lead the construction and operation of the centers working with Ruth and Going Inc for land use entitlements and civil engineering.

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