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SPUR: The New Future of the Office

Zoom Webinar

Photo by flickr user Manuel Schmalstieg The modern office environment has experienced a continuous evolution since its origin. One only has to glance at the historical track record of workspace design — from early 20th century workbenches to private offices and cubicles to today’s near-ubiquitous hot desks — to connect the mercuriality of the office layout […]

CBA: Commercial Loans from Start to Finish – ONLINE


Description Commercial Loans from Start to Finish Understand how the Commercial loan process works Be better prepared to advise your commercial clients What to expect and what is required when financing a commercial asset purchase Instructor: Michael Ryan

SMPS SF: Confident Presence for Virtual Interviews, Public Speaking, and Networking


The world has gone virtual, separating us from our clients and prospects and adding new challenges like camera angle, background, lighting, along with the necessity to sound bite, inspire, forge connections, and show team synergy through the lens. Dean Lincoln Hyers, Founder and Principal of SagePresence, will teach you how to connect with a virtual audience and […]

BOMA Oakland/East Bay: Governance Work Group Meeting

601 City Center - Conference Room

Start Date: 8/7/2020 1:00 PM PDT End Date: 8/7/2020 2:00 PM PDT Venue Name: 601 City Center - Conference Room Organization Name: Governance Work Group Contact: Jenna Hattersley Email: jhattersley@harvestproperties.com Phone: (510) 893-8780 The Governance Work Group focuses on ensuring that the organization remains financially solvent, continues to grow our leadership potential and manages our advocacy responsibilities.  This group leads […]

SMPS SF: Motivational Mondays

Zoom Meeting

  Get inspired with SMPS’ new Motivational Mondays! Each Monday during lunch we will have a 30 minute discussion surrounding our thoughts on a chosen TED Talk, book excerpt, article, or other encouraging content. All attending members will receive the topic and materials prior to the event to enjoy on their own time. It’s fun, […]

SMPS SF: Business Leaders Forum – San Francisco


BUSINESS LEADER'S FORUM As an award-winning, members-only program, the Senior Business Leaders' Forum is designed for members who are in senior (10+ years) marketing and business development positions who are seeking a peer-based learning experience. Members share successful (and not so successful) stories about how they support their firm's leadership and lead management teams through […]

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