Facebook Moves into New MPK 21 Building in Menlo Park

Facebook has moved into MPK 21, the latest flagship building for the company. Designed by Frank Gehry Partners and built by Level 10 Construction, MPK 21 boasts 523,000 sq. ft. of office space, almost 100,000 sq. ft. more than its sibling MPK 20. Both buildings include a single floor open-plan style office space with breakaway pods, restaurants and micro kitchens; a wandering mezzanine level; an expansive green roof with seating, restaurants, trails and conference rooms; and at-grade parking underneath the office space with several entry lobbies.

MPK 21 also created new unique spaces. First, the northwest corner of the building features a 2,000 seat event center space, which can be one large space or divided into four individual spaces. Second, Frank Gehry Partners designed a large “Town Square” in the center of the building, sacrificing office space for additional staff dining amenities. The “Town Square” is open to the sky and can be viewed from the roof level above, about even with the top of the young Redwood trees. Lastly, MPK 21 features a rain forest like experience in the “Bowl,” located on the southeast corner of the building. The Bowl is comprised of three platform levels of concrete that undulate and form an amphitheater shape.

MPK 21 was completed in the span of 17 months, a full five months sooner than MPK 20. This pace required a dedicated fulltime building inspector that logged over 2,040 inspection hours, not including overtime hours on closed Fridays, and even Saturdays. Inspections were organized into five separate areas, each with its own construction superintendent. The City performed over 6,000 inspections, with an average of 15 to 20 building inspections per day. It took a team effort from the permit technician staff, building inspectors, and planners to navigate this giant complex building. This effort also includes, not only the Community Development Department, but an effort from all City departments. For more on other development projects, visit the City website.

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