Facebook’s Busy Week in Menlo Park

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Facebook TE Connectivity redevelopment plansThe social media company Facebook had an extraordinarily busy week last week, as it started moving some of its first employees into the newly constructed west campus building (building 20, as it is referred to within the company) as well as submitting preliminary plans for its redevelopment of the TE Connectivity site.

[contextly_sidebar id=”MeabJrCLS8Q5jOmqX1eclZ98m6rV719D”]According to Menlo Park Assistant to the City Manager Clay Curtin, Facebook was granted temporary occupancy of is new campus, which has been under construction since August of 2013. Approximately 2,000 employees began their relocation to to the new building last week, which is still not fully completed. The final inspection of the site was conducted recently resulting in the granting of temporary occupancy to Facebook.

At the same time, Facebook has submitted a preliminary application, according to city officials, for the proposed redevelopment of the TE Connectivity campus, which is located at 300-309 Constitution Drive in Menlo Park. The company purchased the 59-acre office complex next to its new campus in Menlo Park in summer of last year, reconfirming its commitment to Silicon Valley as its corporate center of gravity. TE Connectivity chose to sell its approximately 1 million-square-foot Menlo Park campus because it was being “underutilized,” said spokeswoman Jane Crawford. “We have 600 employees there, [but it] could suit many more employees,” she said.

The Switzerland-based company had plans to remain in Silicon Valley and was evaluating other locations. “Silicon Valley is an important innovation hub for us,” Crawford said last summer. “We have a commitment to stay in that region.”

Facebook now occupies a 1 million-square-foot, 57-acre Menlo Park campus that was the former home of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The TE Connectivity office park is located across the Bayfront Expressway from Facebook’s main headquarters and is adjacent to its nearly-completed 434,000-square-foot west campus, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

After the demolition of the existing 10 buildings on site, Facebook plans to construct two new office buildings totaling nearly one million square feet of space, which represents a roughly 150,000 square foot net increase plus publicly accessible open space and a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Bayfront Expressway, according to Clay Curtin. The design of the new structures should mimic those of building 20 in the look, feel and height of the buildings. In addition to that, Facebook is also proposing a 200-room limited service hotel of approximately 120,000 square feet at the corner of Chilco Street and Bayfront Expressway. The timing of this second phase of redevelopment would coincide with the departure of TE Connectivity’s employees, however with the application in place, Menlo Park will now officially begin the environmental review and land use entitlement process.

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