February Future Construction Contracts For San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara

McGraw-Hill Construction today reported on February contracts for future construction in the metropolitan statistical area of San Jose- Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, consisting of San Benito and Santa Clara in California.

An authority on the construction market, the firm produces Dodge Reports and Sweets Catalog Files.

According to the Research and Analytics unit of McGraw-Hill Construction, the latest month’s construction activity followed this pattern:

[table] ,2013,2012,Percent Change
TOTAL BUILDING,”$30,807,000″,”$210,247,000″,-85

For the year-to-date on a cumulative basis, the totals are:

[table] ,2013,2012,Percent Change
TOTAL BUILDING,”$162,270,000″,”$478,550,000″,-66

-Nonresidential buildings include commercial, manufacturing, educational, religious, administrative, recreational, hotel, dormitory and other buildings.

-Residential buildings include one and two family houses and apartments.

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