Federal Realty Planning 370 New Residences in Two Projects at South End of Santana Row

Santana Row, San Jose

By Jacob Bourne

San Jose’s bustling Santana Row, an area spanning Stevens Creek Boulevard to Tisch Way and Winchester Boulevard to Hatton Street, may gain housing at its southern end. Just west of the Frank M. Santana Park, two multi-family residential buildings are creeping through the planning entitlement process with mixed progress.

The first building, proposed for the corner of Dudley Avenue and Tisch Way, is designated by the City as a part of Lot 17, and would necessitate the demolition of a current residential complex with 47 units. The 0.99 acre site was recently approved for new housing by San Jose’s Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department on May 25 with no subsequent appeals filed.

In place of the building to be demolished, a five story residential building at 106,180 square feet with 110 multi-family units are to be built by developer Federal Realty. The building’s three levels of interior parking will provide spaces for 128 automobiles, 23 motorcycles and 23 bicycles. An open-air courtyard on the second level will have 13,500 square feet of common use landscaped areas, and will be framed on three sides by residential units. A 4,800 square foot roof deck will add open space on the northeastern corner of the building. The proposal had originally called for a 246,000 square foot office building to be constructed on the southern end of Lot 17, but that will likely be built elsewhere on Santana Row in the future.

Nearby on Hatten Street between Olsen Drive and Hemlock Avenue, Federal Realty also aims to build a five story, 258 unit multi-family residential building on what is known as, Lot 12. Although the project was approved by planning on May 18, it has been appealed by a local homeowners association and is scheduled to go before a City Council hearing on June 28. Construction on the 2.94 acre site would also include resident parking in the building.

“These are the last of the remaining entitlements for Santana Row,” said John Tu, San Jose City Planner.

Federal Realty was contacted for this article and a spokesperson stated that they are not currently disclosing any additional information about either the Lot 17 or 12 projects. The development company has a regional office right in the Santana Row commercial center, which is a mixed use area of 1.7 million square feet featuring retail, office, housing, and hospitality only blocks away from the two proposed residential building sites.

Federal Realty’s entire Santana Row area is 40.6 acres including 840 housing units already developed. Given full entitlements, a total of 1,229 additional housing units will be developed in the area. Beyond Santana Row, Federal Reality has proposed a plan for a 13 acre Santana West area along Winchester Boulevard. The plan could include a 14 story building with 45,000 square feet of retail, and several residential buildings. A new grocery store, green space, and existing historic movie theater could be aspects of the development.

According to SPUR, the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association, Santana Row is one of the areas identified to strategically expand with higher density growth, as San Jose’s population is expected to increase much more in the coming decades relative to other Bay Area cities. San Jose’s General Plan Envision 2040 anticipates that the Santana Row and Valley Fair Urban Village areas can supply 2,410 new jobs and 2,365 housing units. The proposed plans for Lots 17 and 12 tie into these projections.

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