Fremont Launches Residential Solar Discount Program

The City of Fremont has recently launched a new program called East Bay SunShares, designed to help local residents obtain rooftop solar electric systems.

In partnership with the nonprofit Vote Solar Initiative and other East Bay cities, East Bay SunShares pools the buying power of local homeowners to get more competitive pricing from solar companies, making going solar easier and more affordable than ever for residents.

Through this program, residents can take advantage of discounted pricing from two local solar firms to purchase rooftop solar systems as low as $3.50 per watt, which is 15 percent lower than the average cost of installation in the Bay Area. American-made panel and inverter options are also available at a slight cost premium.

East Bay SunShares is a limited-time opportunity that launched August 3 and runs until mid-October. Both residents and people who work in Fremont are eligible for the program, as well as family and friends.
Two informational workshops are planned at the Fremont Main Library:

This exciting and innovative program is being offered by the City of Fremont as part of the Fremont Green Challenge– a community-wide initiative to cut local greenhouse gas emissions. The Fremont Green Challenge is designed to help Fremont meet its sustainability goals as well as win the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a two-year-long national energy reduction competition, with a $5 Million prize for the community that achieves the deepest energy savings.

Homeowners are invited to take the Fremont Green Challenge and sign up with East Bay SunShares to receive a no cost, no obligation site evaluation and learn how to plug into the sun now to save on utility bills for years to come. Visit for more information and to register. For more details about the Fremont Green Challenge, please visit

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