Furniture House Brings Big Design to Silicon Valley

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In addition to the new 230,000-square-foot Santa Clara headquarters at 2500 De La Cruz Blvd., One Workplace has showrooms and offices in San Francisco and Oakland. Its former headquarters were in Milpitas. The company moved to a more central location for its business, close to downtown San Jose and the heart of Silicon Valley and a jump up U.S. 101 to reach the Peninsula.

DSC_0885Drez himself is the epitome of the unchained worker: his space in the new headquarters consists of a three large, filing cabinet drawers. His set-up is neither unique nor uncommon, said Seth Hanley, principal and creative director of San Francisco’s Blitz architecture and interior design, which helped conceive the reuse project.

“The world is increasingly fast-moving, and companies have to be nimble,” Hanley said. “The space epitomizes the need for nimbleness, the genuine flexibility of the contruction itself, the reconfigurability and the integration of technology is pretty compelling.”

In total, One Workplace has approximately 350 workers and about two-thirds of them work in Santa Clara. Two hundred thousand square feet of the Santa Clara space is devoted to receiving and short-term storage of furniture on behalf of clients and what the company calls customer-owned storage. It is here that large companies pay One Workplace to store their excess furniture but that storage may involve daily movement in and out, necessitating a complex system of management.

One Workplace occupied its new Santa Clara showroom on April 8.

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