Google Buys Mountain View Bar Building for $5,400 per SQ FT

[contextly_sidebar id=”UvqhfdmyEPs8gwyXrKg1J2bc4QOwJM7p”]In real estate, it’s all about the location, and in booming tech times there’s no substitute for sitting on real estate next to arguably the world’s most significant tech company—Google. Such was the luck of the executors of the Stephen Gazzera III’s trust in March when they sold the 2,220 square foot building located at 1431 Plymouth St. in Mountain View to Google for $12 million, or approximately $5,400 per square foot.

Google owns practically every building surrounding the 30-tap Sports Page bar, and while the tech giant’s intentions have not been explicitly outlined, one can make a few assumptions about the real reason this purchase was made.

The location is approximately half a mile away from Google’s 595,000 square foot 2000 North Shoreline Boulevard project, also known as Charleston East office development, which Mountain View city council approved in March of 2017. On top of that Google owns practically every building north of US Highway 101 along North Shoreline Blvd. The bar building is just another assembly of property in the middle of what is Google’s de facto Mountain View campus. The tech giant has been actively buying property in the neighborhood over the last few years, and in all likelihood, it will continue to do so as long as its growth continues.

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