Greystar and IREM Launch Commercial Property Management Education

Chicago (July 29, 2019) – IREM (the Institute of Real Estate Management), and Greystar, a global leader in the investment, development and management of high-quality rental housing properties, are pleased to announce a new commercial/mixed-use training program for Greystar property managers located across the United States. 

“The success of working directly with Greystar on this initiative has set the stage for expanding the program with the organization and also with other providers,” says Brian Lozell, CPM® and director, corporate business development at IREM. “While the focus of this particular training is on the Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) credential, the comprehensive education curriculum IREM offers serves the needs of real estate management companies everywhere, in the U.S. and internationally. ”

Greystar is among a growing number of top property management organizations that have engaged IREM to assist with on-site training classes that support continued education for property managers. IREM offers education that addresses the challenges and opportunities of mixed-use properties, a growing trend in real estate. “ 

Together with IREM, we are able to provide specialized training on mixed-use assets that will benefit our team members and the industry,” said Teressa Porizek, Managing Director of Team Member Development for Greystar. “By investing in the development of our people, we continue to cultivate talent and provide the highest quality of service for our clients and residents.” 

The real estate management industry moves fast and requires a specific skill set to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. IREM’s program with Greystar works because of the customized curriculum delivered in convenient locations. As a recognized leader in real estate management education, IREM credentials indicate industry expertise and ethical leadership, which is why the world’s leading real estate management firms prefer IREM for professional training.

About IREM

For over 85 years, IREM members have made us the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management. Almost 20,000 leaders in commercial and residential management call this home for education, support and networking. Our CPM®, ARM®, ACoM and AMO® credentials are internationally recognized symbols of ethical leadership and a well-managed property. And our tools deliver decades of on-the-job know-how to help members get even better at what they do. Put simply – IREM and its members are here to elevate the profession. If you know real estate management, come get to know us. 

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