VIDEO: Grosvenor Unearthing San Francisco’s Past

Grosvenor Americas Jackson Square San Francisco 240 Pacific Avenue Bay Area development construction Barbary Coast Arkansas

This video documents an exciting story from Grosvenor Americas – the discovery of a Gold Rush-era ship beneath our development site in Jackson Square, San Francisco.

In the mid-1880s the California Gold Rush transformed San Francisco, where stories of those heydays are now an important part of its rich heritage. Grosvenor’s development site in Jackson Square has helped to solve one of the “Barbary Coast’s” enduring mysteries around the final resting place of a legendary ship, the Arkansas. On September 8, 2016, after three archaeological excavations over 12 weeks, the Arkansas was discovered. The City and the San Francisco Maritime Historic Park asked that the Arkansas’ location at 240 Pacific Avenue be precisely mapped and that the ship be left in situ. We have honoured these requests and the ship will be left untouched by construction.

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