Hacienda First Quarter a Good Start to 2018

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Hacienda tenant activity and development continued at a good pace during the first quarter of 2018 with net positive absorption seen year-to-date over the close of 2017 coupled with decreases in vacancy in the office sector. Tenant activity was composed of both new incoming tenants and relocations for existing tenants within the development. The park is the largest mixed-use development of its kind in Northern California.

“Tenant activity remains steady as we have headed into the new year along with a definite increase in interest in Hacienda space as prospects review the local and regional market. Recent activity has been more focused on small to mid-sized tenants. However, interest has also been expressed by larger tenants wanting to locate in this area” said James Paxson, Hacienda’s general manager. “While work has largely finished on new construction that was undertaken over the last few years, new discussions are occurring about future opportunities that we hope to advance soon.”

Major transactions to date in 2018 were seen involving companies in a variety of business segments. Activity includes: Global Syn-Turf (Consumer Goods), IrisVision Global, Inc. (Biomedical), Precision Cabinets (Consumer Goods), Medrio (Software Development), Turbo Technologies (Business Services), Kobai (Software Development), Cal Engineering Solutions, Inc.(Engineering), First American Title Company (Title Services), Hello Fresh (Food Industry), Pacific Homecare Services (Health), Prolifics Testing (Business Services), Quanovate (Biomedical), USA China Network (Consumer Goods),and Jazz Heating and Air Conditioning (Construction/Contractors).

The following overview will provide you with information on the most recent Hacienda activity pertaining to occupancy, tenants, sales and regional data of interest. Please also refer to selections found under the Project Overview section of our web site for related information.

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About Hacienda
Hacienda is the largest development of its kind in Northern California. Over 10 million square feet of existing, mixed-use space is occupied by some 650 companies that locally employ approximately 20,000 people. Hacienda’s businesses represent the best and the brightest of contemporary corporate America and provide the home to everything from small offices to regional centers to large campuses for company headquarters. In addition, Hacienda also features homes to some 5,000 residents. Residential developments also provide a full spectrum of choices from stylish rental units to single family detached homes.

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