Hacienda Records 350,000 SQFT of Transactions in 2022

Pleasanton, Hacienda, Northern California, Emeryville

PLEASANTON, Calif. — As fall nears, Hacienda has much to point to by way of positive news over the summer. The last several months have produced some striking tenant activity including new occupancies by ProSumnus (relocating within Hacienda), Vagaro and Unchained Labs. As a result, net occupancy has remained positive for the year over the close of 2021. Close to 350,000 square feet of transactions have occurred to date since January 1 in Hacienda. The park is the largest mixed-use development of its kind in Northern California.

“Despite the lingering effects of the upheaval that has occurred in commercial real estate over the last few years from the pandemic, Hacienda is seeing signs of economic activity that wants to occur in the region. Not only have we seen growth from existing tenants but the arrival of some substantial commitments from new businesses” stated James Paxson, Hacienda’s general manager. “In addition to leasing, we are also seeing a strong sales year with activity from both investors and users. While there are still some unknowns in the market, we continue to see indications of additional opportunity that we believe will be realized before the end of the year.”

Major Business Activity
Here is a summary of just some of what has gone on in Northern California’s largest mixed-use development in the past three months:

Gritstone Announces Results from Preclinical Study of its Self-amplifying mRNA (samRNA) Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 Published in Nature Communications

EMERYVILLE, CA — Gritstone bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: GRTS), a clinical-stage biotechnology company that aims to develop the world’s most potent vaccines, today announced results from a preclinical study evaluating a self-amplifying mRNA (samRNA) vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2 were published in Nature Communications, in an article titled “Low-dose self-amplifying mRNA COVID-19 vaccine drives strong protective immunity in non-human primates against SARS-CoV-2 infection”. The results of the study, which were previously pre-printed in bioRxiv (in November 2021), show that the samRNA vaccine candidate induced broad and potent neutralizing antibodies and T cell immune responses following … more.

CloudFabrix Announces the General Availability of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF), a Low Code Analytics Platform with 1000+ Data / AI Bots, for Data In Motion

PLEASANTON, CA — CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF), unifying Observability, AIOps and Automation announced its availability on self-service cfxCloud, a SaaS platform running in AWS. Patent pending RDAF simplifies and automates AIOps and Observability pipelines using Bots and Low code approach.

Enterprises have struggled to collaborate well around their data, which inhibits their ability to adapt and succeed with Digital Transformation, glean actionable insights or innovate. There is a realization that every AI problem is first … more.

Schneider Electric ranks 2nd in The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2022

BOSTON, MA — Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation, was ranked second in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2022.

This is the third time Schneider Electric has placed in the top five and the seventh consecutive year it has ranked on the list. This demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment and investment to strengthen its supply chain strategy.

This recognition comes in a year of prolonged supply chain disruption. Companies around the world and across industries continue to be challenged by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, facing constrained labor availability, global shortages of raw materials and electronics, and transportation issues. It has become even more critical for … more.

New Tenants
Hacienda has recently welcomed a number of new tenants to the park. New tenants arriving in Hacienda over the past three months include:

Atonarp US, Inc., 5960 Inglewood Drive, Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94588, www.antonarp.com. Advancing clinical diagnostics, life science research, semiconductor and industrial process control through digital molecular profiling.

Chick-Fil-A, 4501 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA  94588, http://www.chick-fil-a.com. The famous chicken sandwiches are coming to Hacienda soon.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies, 5673-5675 Gibraltar Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588, www.prosomnus.com. Makers of a sleep and snore device to safely alleviate snoring and symptoms sleep apnea (relocation within Hacienda).

Vagaro, 4430 Rosewood Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588, www.sales.vagaro.com. A scheduling and management software for the salon, spa and fitness industry.

Unchained Labs, 4747 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588, www.unchainedlabs.com. A life sciences company focused on tools for biologics and gene therapy researchers.

About Hacienda
Hacienda is the largest development of its kind in Northern California. Over 10 million square feet of existing, mixed-use space is occupied by some 640 companies that locally employ approximately 18,000 people. Hacienda’s businesses represent the best and the brightest of contemporary corporate America and provide the home to everything from small offices to regional centers to large campuses for company headquarters. In addition, Hacienda also features homes to approximately 6,000 residents. Residential developments also provide a full spectrum of choices from stylish rental units to single family detached homes.

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