Hacienda Sees Significant Tenant Activity During Fourth Quarter

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Hacienda has seen an increase in occupancy over the last year with corresponding growth in tenant activity. New tenants and the expansion of existing tenants has been steady since the first quarter and the development is poised to see a solid conclusion to the year based on current activity.

“Hacienda’s vacancy has declined in 2014 and current projections indicate this decline will continue into the next year,” says James Paxson, Hacienda’s general manager. “Beyond the accomplishments being seen by our existing tenants, business incubation is on the rise thanks to new facilities and resources. We expect to be hearing much more from these early stage companies soon.”

Major Business Activity
Here’s a summary of just some of what has gone on in Northern California’s largest mixed-use development in the past three months:

IntegenX’s DNA System the Standard in Arizona

IntegenX Inc., the market leader in rapid human DNA identification technology, has announced Arizona’s first statewide deployment of the RapidHIT System for real-time matching of DNA profiles.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety, like many state crime laboratories across the country, faces tight resource and budget constraints that limit the number of DNA samples they can collect and process in a reasonable time period. The solution is to use the RapidHIT System in conjunction with the SmallPond database software to store and search more than 350,000 DNA profiles.

The simplicity of the system and the database interface has enabled state officials to train law enforcement officers to take DNA samples to the instrument for processing and generate search results in hours rather than months. This puts law enforcement agencies squarely in control of which DNA cases need to be fast-tracked without impacting the important work being performed by laboratory personnel.

“The Arizona rapid DNA system can provide officers with investigative leads faster than ever before,” Vince Figarelli, Arizona’s crime lab superintendent, said. “In cases with appropriate samples, officers can perform the rapid DNA analysis and search the database in hopes of obtaining a preliminary identification of a suspect, rather than waiting weeks or months for laboratory results.”

Learn more about Hacienda-based IntegenX at integenx.com.

IronPlanet Lands Impressive Government Contract

IronPlanet will manage and sell rolling stock surplus assets of the U.S. Department of Defense under a major contract the company landed in July.

IronPlanet won a competitive bid process managed by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. The surplus contract has a base term of two years with four one-year renewal options.

“We are very pleased and excited to be officially awarded this contract and to partner with the Defense Logistics Agency,” Greg Owens, IronPlanet CEO, said. “We have already begun moving forward, leveraging our existing infrastructure and resources to build the dedicated capabilities necessary to maximize the returns for the U.S. Department of Defense and ultimately, the U.S. taxpayer in selling their surplus rolling stock assets.”

Rolling stock includes surplus trucks, trailers, generators, wheel loaders, cranes, crawler tractors and other equipment. In its bid, IronPlanet estimated $50 million to $70 million of rolling stock annually with 75.29 percent revenue share to the Defense Logistics Agency.

Hacienda-based IronPlanet is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling used heavy equipment and trucks. Learn more about the company at ironplanet.com.

New VICAMWaters Product Ensures Safety of Corn Supply

The world’s corn supply will be a little bit safer, thanks to a new test developed by VICAM, a division of the Waters Corporation.

The Afla-V lateral flow strip test for the quantitative analysis of total aflatoxins in corn has received USDA grain inspection, packers and stockyards administration (GIPSA) certification.

“We are pleased to obtain USDA-GIPSA certification for the Alfa-V,” Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, VICAM general manager and director of operations, said. “This enables official USDA export laboratories and USDA-licensed grain inspection sites to use Afla-V to verify that corn shipments comply with domestic and global regulatory limits for aflatoxins.”

Aflatoxins are toxic compounds produced by certain molds found in food. Severe rain and drought can encourage aflatoxin production, and once released, aflatoxin and other mycotoxins are difficult to manage and nearly impossible to destroy. They can cause liver damage and cancer.

The Afla-V strip tests can accurately detect and measure total aflatoxins at both low and high levels. The five-minute test saves time and materials.

The Waters Corporation, founded in Massachusetts in 1958, designs, manufacture, sells and services analytical technologies for liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis. The company has three 1,000-square-foot custom-built demonstration and teaching labs in Hacienda. Learn more at waters.com.

New Tenants
Hacienda has recently welcomed a number of new tenants to the park. New tenants arriving in Hacienda in recent months include:

C2D Technology, 4464 Willow Road, Suite 103, (925) 290-8660, www.c2dtechnology.co. Developing deposition technologies for the automotive industry.

Cloudseeder, 4464 Willow Road, Suite 103, (888) 591-9750, www.cloudseeder.com, Developing software for independent retailers.

Innovate Pleasanton, 4464 Willow Road, Suite 103, (925) 400-4366, www.innovatepleasanton.com, A private enterprise providing a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs and companies in the growth stage of business.

KalpTree, 4464 Willow Road, Suite 103, www.kalptreeenergy.com, Developing solid state lithium battery technology.

Kelley and Associates, Inc., 5674 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 101, (925) 256-9999, www.kelleymed.com,  A medical goods supplier specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine products.

M&C Association Management Services, 4305 Hacienda Drive, Suite 140, (925) 460 8890,www.mccommunities.com, Providers of community association management and developer services. (relocated within Hacienda)

PTI Solutions, 5627 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 322, (877) 784-1984, www.pti-s.com, Builders of infrastructure that keeps telecommunication companies, government agencies and businesses connected.

US Ladar, 4464 Willow Road, Suite 103, www.usladar.com, Developing a LADAR based synthetic vision system for autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Ware Malcomb, 4683 Chabot Drive, Suite 300, (925) 244-9620, www.waremalcomb.com, An international design firm.

About Hacienda
Hacienda is the largest development of its kind in Northern California. Over 10 million square feet of existing, mixed-use space is occupied by some 650 companies that locally employ approximately 17,500 people. Hacienda’s businesses represent the best and the brightest of contemporary corporate America and provide the home to everything from small offices to regional centers to large campuses for company headquarters. In addition, Hacienda also features homes to some 3,900 residents. Residential developments also provide a full spectrum of choices from stylish rental units to single family detached homes.

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