Healthcare Growth Spurt

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Further down the proverbial medical services food chain, the independent specialty physician practices attentive to a market looking for disease management in a high-touch, concierge or executive environment will be exploring how to capture that patient population. At the same time, smaller practices will regroup to capture advantages of scale for the administration of care and the desire to provide a comfortable and efficient service model for working professionals in San Francisco

The other major impact of healthcare investment will become evident through expansion of research, especially translational research that creates a direct interface between researchers and clinical practitioners immediately returning critical patient information to the research team. Clinical and research partnerships are being incubated on growing research campuses like UCSF’s Mission Bay and are now moving to enroll participants in supervised clinical studies from smaller community hospitals and outpatient care centers. Healthcare research is a robust economic sector supported in many forms by public and private institutions.

The healthcare industry is and will continue to be a critical economic driver in the Bay Area. Scientists, educators and clinicians seek environments that foster creativity in medicine, health and biomedical science. We offer this environment with support from our universities, independent research institutions and leading healthcare providers. The Bay Area has all of the baseline components to continue to expand and support ongoing expansion in healthcare services, laboratory research, clinical and translational medicine and biomedical technology.

Dorothy Lloyd is a principal in the health care practice of Stantec Architecture.

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