Historic Private School Initiates Renovation and Expansion Project

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San Mateo, CA – Truebeck, an industry-leading commercial general contractor, was awarded the Cathedral School for Boys expansion and renovation project. Construction begins in mid 2020 and will be an addition to a historic building in the San Francisco area.

From humble origins in 1957, the Cathedral School for Boys began as a small gathering in the bell towers of Grace Cathedral. It wasn’t long before that small gathering grew and in 1966 the school had a new building. 30 years later, the school expanded further and added classrooms for boys in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Now in 2020, the next phase of expansion is set to begin. For this expansion and renovation, Truebeck is partnering with architect Charles F. Bloszies to deliver the project with a design-build method.

This new phase of development for Cathedral School for Boys includes 8,000 square feet of renovation in the lower and upper school classrooms. The expansion also includes a 4,000 square foot two-level addition to the existing school building. 

Since Grace Cathedral is considered a historical landmark, certain requirements are necessary before designs can be approved. As it stands, the new design for Cathedral School for Boys must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. 

As a downtown project and a project next to a structure that has a history dating over one hundred and fifty years, the expansion and renovation of the Cathedral School for Boys requires a surgical approach and creative logistical planning.

This renovation will enhance the school and continue its legacy as a unique educational institution. With a modern space and extra room for growth, the Cathedral School for Boys will achieve their strategic plan and better meet the needs of boys and teachers. Truebeck is honored to help transform their campus.

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