Industry Veterans Launch Workplace Consulting Group in Bay Area

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a3 Workplace Strategies Aims to Become “Pre-eminent Firm” Specializing in Project Management and Facilities Management

SAN JOSE—A group of industry veterans has launched a3 Workplace Strategies as a major independent workplace consulting group based in San Jose. The self-funded firm provides comprehensive project management and facilities management services, including strategic planning, change management, as well as design, construction, and relocation oversight to local companies as well as tenants and space occupiers throughout the United States and worldwide.

a3 Workplace Strategies is led by Robin Weckesser, one of the industry’s top workplace design professionals and educators, who formerly directed Cresa’s Bay Area project management group for 10 years. Cresa’s entire project management team, with professionals averaging 20+ years of specialized experience, joined Weckesser at a3 Workplace Strategies following the acquisition of Cresa San Jose by Savills Studley last spring.

Weckesser says his goal is to become the largest, pre-eminent, independent project management group in the Bay Area. “We have ambitious but well-grounded plans based on our long, successful track record and excellent network of contacts and affiliations locally and globally,” he says.

“We started a3 because we think the workplace matters, especially at a time when organizations are looking for creative workplace environments that will help them recruit and retain top talent,” Weckesser reports. “Clearly, there is a need for a well-established, independent, and non-biased workplace consulting group that provides customized client solutions.” By representing tenants and not landlords, Weckesser says his firm provides conflict-free services and will not be compromised.

He adds, “We understand the importance to organizations of communication, collaboration, and creating environments and experiences that support the work process while promoting the company’s brand and culture. All of this often involves educating staff through change management.”

Weckesser says that he and his group have served hundreds of clients, including technology and life sciences leaders such as Alibaba, Nimble Storage, Palo Alto Networks, New Relic, and Service Max for more than 25 years, with projects ranging from 10,000 SF to 500,000 SF.

The a3 concept was inspired by the so-named a3 problem-solving process, a lean management strategy based on effective, efficient, and succinct communication.

“Clients have told us that what sets us apart is our understanding of the value of the workplace, our passion, focus on listening, and outstanding communication tools,” says Weckesser.

According to Weckesser, looking ahead, workplace optimization trends will include a further reduction of square footage, collaboration, and mobile workers. “The collaborative workplace is here to stay,” says Weckesser, “and along with that is a need for a variety of work settings that provide openness, collaboration, semi-private, and private space that facilitate the work process. Likewise, the virtual office is here to stay, but there remains the need for personal connection, interaction, and healthy corporate environments that promote the dynamic of live, work, and play. Each office is unique, and each solution must reflect and reinforce the company’s signature brand.”

Weckesser has managed the construction of projects totaling over 5 million square feet and real estate transactions in excess of two million square feet, working with construction budgets exceeding $265 million. Formerly a senior project manager at Apple in 1994, he is a widely published author and a speaker at industry functions. A resident of San Jose, he graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s of Arts in Organizational Management and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

About a3 Workplace Strategies
a3 Workplace Strategies is a workplace consulting group based in San Jose and serving companies throughout the United States and worldwide. The firm provides a full range of project management and facilities management services, including strategic planning; change management; site selection; design, construction, and relocation oversight; space programming; and open office/collaborative environments. For more information, visit

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