Inn at the Presidio, Pershing Hall

Constructed in 1903 on the Main Post of the Presidio of San Francisco, Pershing Hall originally served as bachelor officers’ quarters for the US Army.

Architectural Resources Group led the rehabilitation of the Georgian Revival red brick building, adapting it into a bed-and-breakfast style hotel for the owner, the Presidio Trust. Recognizing its historic significance and the sustainability benefits of retaining much of the original plan, ARG repurposed the officer’s suites, which comprised sitting rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, into 17 guest suites while integrating amenities to meet contemporary hotel standards. Five smaller units were created by reconfiguring original two-bedroom units and original staff areas. The project also includes a reception/lounge space in the historic officer’s lounge, a dining room in the historic officer’s mess hall, meeting rooms and employee support spaces in the previously unfinished basement, kitchen facilities, an outdoor patio with fire pit, and parking areas.

The rehabilitation addressed code deficiencies, seismic strengthening of the unreinforced brick masonry building, accessibility, and acoustic separations, while incorporating new mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing systems. Improving the mechanical system enabled the restoration of original ceiling heights and window heights in first- and second-floor bathrooms. Redesigning the means of egress allowed for the removal of nonhistoric fire escapes on the primary façade.

Sustainable building strategies include natural ventilation, retention of the exterior envelope and interior nonstructural elements, hydronic heating systems, water-saving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and renewable and recycled materials. Onsite stormwater management contributes towards the Presidio Trust’s long-term effort to restore and revitalize the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. The design is targeted to achieve a LEED Gold rating.

Minimizing and carefully controlling the project’s construction activities protected archaeological resources associated with the historic El Presidio below a portion of the site. The project also applied the Presidio Trust’s procedures and policies for protecting natural habitat, flora, and fauna.

The Inn at the Presidio opened to the public on April 1, 2012.

Architect: Architectural Resources Group

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