Integral Communities Proposes 1,999-Unit Mixed-Use Project in Pittsburg, Calif.

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Courtesy of Integral Communities

By Kate Snyder

A proposal to turn more than 1,000 acres into a mixed-use development that would bring nearly 2,000 residential units and a hotel to the city of Pittsburg is making its way through the city.

Integral Communities, a real estate development company based in Newport Beach, is the applicant behind the project, called Bay Walk, according to city records. Both KTGY Architecture + Planning and Kevin L Crook Architect, Inc., are listed as designers for the project. The city is in the process of completing an environmental impact report for the proposal.

The approximately 1,046.8-acre site is located north of Willow Pass Road and south of Honker Bay, city records show. About 519 acres of wetlands are located in the center of the site and 254 acres are located south and east of the wetlands which was previously used by the Pittsburg Power Plant, which is located at 696 W 10th St. There is additional vacant grassland and ruderal vegetated land which includes unpaved roads, an inactive buried fuel oil pipeline and a former railroad right of way.

The proposal specifies that development could include a range of uses, such as approximately 1,999 residential units, 18.8 acres of employment center industrial uses, 6.5 acres of mixed-use space, a 120-room hotel and various park, recreation and open space areas.

City records show that because the Pittsburg Power Plant is inactive, various obsolete facility components and structures would be removed or demolished as part of the project. Objects slated for demolition would include certain tanks and piping, boilers, stacks, turbines and turbine buildings, the administration building and office trailers, water treatment equipment and chemical storage tanks. Overall, demolition activities would be conducted over a two- to three-year period.

The project would be constructed in three phases. Phase I would be localized in the southwest corner of the site and total approximately 80.5 acres. About 698 residential units would be developed during this phase. Phase II would total approximately 59.5 acres and would develop 445 residential units on a total of 40.7 acres along with 18.8 acres of land designated for employment center industrial (ECI) The land designated as ECI could include professional office, medical, research/technology, business park, service commercial and warehousing uses. Phase III would be located south of Honker Bay, in the northeast corner of the project site, and include the construction of 561 residential units on 55.5 acres as well as a 6.5-acre mixed use area. The mixed-use space would include the development of 295 additional units and 60,000 square feet of commercial space and a 120-room hotel on about 1.6 acres.

Landscaping would be split across the three phases as well. In total, the project would include about 2.5 million square feet of various landscaping, with 472,030 square feet in Phase I, 1.4 million square feet in Phase II and 572,350 square feet in Phase III. Landscaping provided throughout the site would include new trees, shrubs, grasses, vines and ground cover. A 26.1-acre Grand Park would also be developed as part of Phase II, and landscaping is planned to feature both buffer landscaping as well as community parks.

Integral Communities is dedicated to “creating new opportunities” from underutilized or undeveloped parcels of land through value-added land planning, according to the firm’s website. The company’s portfolio is spread throughout California and has featured for-sale, apartment, mixed-use and residential multifamily developments.

“Integral’s focus, strategy and expertise create and provide excellent value-added ownership and development opportunities for the company and its partners,” its website states. “This unique philosophy and ethic keeps Integral among the leading diversified real estate development companies in the West.”

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