Jay Paul and Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation to Develop Malibu Ice Center in Redwood City

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Redwood City, CA (March 18, 2021) — The Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation (MIRF) is thrilled to announce the partnership it has entered into that will build and operate a new ice rink at the former site of Malibu Grand Prix. The proposed Malibu Ice Center, will be built, operated and maintained by private funding and through its affiliation with Jay Paul Company’s Harbor View project in Redwood City.  

The agreement will have the reduced office complex project enter into a long-term nominal value lease with MIRF for the purpose of building an ice rink. Jay Paul Company will also be assisting with the design and construction-management of the rink. While MIRF will be responsible for the facility and its ongoing operations, Jay Paul Company has also committed to establishing an endowment and a local advisory committee to ensure that the rink best serves Redwood City and is open, accessible and inclusive to all.

“We are thrilled to be working with Jay Paul Company on this exciting opportunity. It wasn’t that long ago that there were 3 ice rinks serving the mid-peninsula, now we are down to one. Jay Paul’s willingness to donate the 2 acres of land necessary to develop a state-of-the-art ice rink in Redwood City to MIRF is a game-changer for the local ice skating community, we couldn’t be happier,” said Tim Hennessey, board member of MIRF. 

Harbor View is currently negotiating the terms of the largest Development Agreement the City has entered into and is valued at approximately $55 million. Malibu Ice and the associated endowment program is valued at over $19 million of that contribution.

“Jay Paul Company is ecstatic to announce this partnership with MIRF that will add a marquee community facility to our proposal, include family entertainment and help the city meet the recreational needs of its residents and youth who currently have no rink access,” said Janette D’Elia, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “We believe that this facility, combined with our commitment to encourage diversity, equity and inclusionary access to the rink, will truly offer something for everyone in Redwood City, regardless of income or ability.”

As a partner to MIRF, the Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association has agreed to lead the community engagement efforts and will chair the advisory committee. Other members of the advisory group include: former Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain, former Redwood City Planning Commissioner and Casa Circulo Board Member Connie Guerrero, Magical Bridge Foundation founder Olenka Villarreal and Maia Harris of Jay Paul Company.

“Silicon Valley has a proud tradition producing Olympic medal winning skaters. This was made possible by access to rinks that have since closed and/or are threatened by closure. SVISA is committed to building on our Olympic legacy by ensuring that the same access and opportunity exists for the next generation. The Malibu Ice Center and the Diversity Equity and Inclusion endowment will help to achieve that,” Sarah Feldman, Chief Executive Office of SVISA. “We look forward to working with the Redwood City community to ensure that kids of all ages, abilities and economic circumstance have access to the ice to deepen our bench of skaters who want to enjoy ice sports.”  

About The Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation

The Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation (MIRF) is a 501(c) non-profit organization that seeks to finance and construct ice rinks in the Mid-Peninsula Region.

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