Kilroy Tops Off 100 Hooper in San Francisco

Photos courtesy of Studio Public and FORGE

San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 13, 2017 – FORGE, a full-service architectural and interior design firm based in San Francisco, in collaboration with Kilroy Realty, DPR Construction and Pfau Long Architecture (Design Architect), recently celebrated the topping off milestone in the construction of 100/150 Hooper located at the crossroads of the Potrero Hill and Mission Bay neighborhoods. The complex will provide space for both large, global office tenants and small, independent manufacturing groups, serving as an intersecting campus that reflects the changing face of Bay Area business.

“100 Hooper represents a truly innovative environment, offering both creative office space and production space under one roof,” said Rick Buziak, Senior Vice President at Kilroy Realty. “The interplay between office and manufacturing space with plentiful outdoor space makes this one of the most unique campuses in the area. With 100 Hooper, Kilroy Realty embraces the diverse economy of San Francisco.”

Photos courtesy of Studio Public and FORGE

The campus includes two four-story buildings at 100 Hooper offering 311,000-square-feet of creative office space on the upper levels and 86,000-square-feet of light industrial space on the ground floor. The lower PDR (Production, Distribution and Repair) space is specifically designed for innovators, inventors and craftspeople performing design, manufacturing, production and related activities.

The office space includes design details that reflect traditional manufacturing, including exposed structures for open offices, steel bridges used as flexible spaces to interconnect floors and adjacent buildings, as well as the outdoor conference rooms and open collaboration spaces. Adobe Systems, one of the largest software companies in the world, has signed on to lease all 311,000-square-feet of the office space.

Photos courtesy of Studio Public and FORGE

A third building, 150 Hooper, will serve as a “manufacturing foundry” with 49,000 square feet of space exclusive to light industrial tenants and operated by PlaceMade, a sister non-profit to SFMade who is dedicated to helping manufacturers start, stay and grow in San Francisco. PlaceMade is San Francisco’s first non-profit industrial real estate developer whose mission is to sustain and grow urban manufacturing jobs by creating more manufacturing real estate that is functional, accessible and affordable.

“When we were brought onto the team to collaborate with Pfau Long, we were excited at the opportunity to find solutions to efficiently solve a number of challenges and demands on the site. With the city and site requirements, this project demanded detailed coordination on a unique design to combine styles and techniques,” said Greg Sheppard, FORGE project manager and a board member at PlaceMade. “Kilroy is known for sophisticated projects and at FORGE, we pride ourselves on being able to handle complex issues that require high levels of flexibility and communication. It was the perfect coming together for all parties to showcase their strengths and to deliver a truly remarkable project at the intersection of innovation and urban culture.”

Photos courtesy of Studio Public and FORGE

The 100 Hooper project is LEED Platinum-designed and being built in the middle of a busy corridor adjacent to university and hospital campuses and strategically located near public transportation. Construction is expected to complete in early 2018.

“We’ve had a lot of fun building this project with a great team from Kilroy and our design partners,” said Jeremy Bartle, DPR project manager. “It’s exciting being a part of a one of kind project that brings local manufacturing and office space together in San Francisco. We have a passion to support local San Francisco businesses and culture and this site exemplifies that.”

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