MAI Construction Inc. Is Pleased To Announce The Completion Of The Sculptology Medical Spa In Pleasanton, CA

The project required the conversion of a previously existing retail space, including the installation of infrastructure suitable for Sculptology’s specialized equipment. Layout was constructed from scratch to take maximum advantage of the available floor space. 

Sculptology’s flagship service, and the one from which its name derives, is CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, FDA-approved medical treatment which uses targeted application of cold to the fat layers beneath the skin to eliminate fat in the abdomen and other areas. Because of this and related medical services, the construction necessitated special considerations and planning to make the space and associated infrastructure as robust, welcoming and privacy-conscious as possible.

The finished layout includes client consultation spaces, restrooms, staff offices, treatment rooms, a clinical waiting and lobby area and medical storage. Every area features high-end finishes and accent work to create a modern yet inviting space for clients and staff alike. This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, lasting only 8 weeks from initial preconstruction phase to full project completion.       

With Sculptology’s new space open for business, MAI Construction has once again demonstrated our commitment to speed, craftsmanship and attention to detail and quality in every facet of each project we undertake.

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